18 January, 2011 Dean’s Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

DAC Meeting
January 18, 2011
9:00am – 11:00 am

Attending: John Kranzler, Jean Crockett, Theresa Vernetson, Tina Smith-Bonahue, Elizabeth Bondy, Tom Dana, Holly Lane, Dale Campbell, Catherine Emihovich, Suzi Colvin
Absent: Naomi Castillo, Paul Sindelar

  • Holly Lane asked, “Are there were any updates to the College of Education website?” Tom Dana indicated that the target date for updates to the website is February 1st.

Old Business:
Budget Update –

  • Catherine Emihovich asked the committee who will be attending the Effort Reporting meeting on Wednesday, January 19, 2011. The three (3) school chairs indicated that they will attend. Catherine agreed that she will attend as well.
  • The Mid-Year Budget Reviews will begin this week and will conclude by January 31st.
  • BAC would like for FPC to allow for summer compensation – 12½ % for 3 credit hour classes. Naomi Castillo is asking the three business managers, from each of the schools, for information for revenue from last summer to be presented at the next BAC meeting. Revenue from the three directors, associate directors and instructional costs. Catherine Emihovich and Naomi Castillo will present the findings at the next BAC meeting.

Search Updates –

  • PKY Director Search (John Kranzler) – February 15th is the deadline to get applicants in for the position. John Kranzler indicated that someone should be in the position by July 1st.
  • Counselor Ed Search (Dale Campbell) – 27 applicants for the position.
  • STEM Search (Elizabeth Bondy) – Three candidates are scheduled over the next two weeks to come in for interviews.
  • Associate Dean Search (Tom Dana) – Eight applications have been received and just recently there are 2 more applicants. February 1st each of the applicants will be interviewed.

New Business:
Fellowships – (John Kranzler)

  • The Grinter Fellowship has been awarded $50,000 to give out to four individuals.
  • The Alumni Fellows has been awarded $250,000 for 10 fellowships at $25,000 per year.
  • Questions to the committee: How to allocate the 10 fellowships at $25,000? Where are the current assignments? What percent of PhD students receive funding (from the three schools)?
  • No resolution. The committee will further discuss this topic at the next meeting. John Kranzler will provide further information at the next DAC meeting (February 1st).

Print/Copier Cost Reduction – (Catherine Emihovich)

  • The Provost sent an e-mail, regarding the plan program to select a single source vendor for copiers and printers. This will save approximately $3 million annually. This only replaces big copiers, not individual desk top printers. Question to the committee: Are there any objections to this plan?
  • All of DAC agreed this is fine.

Enrollment Data for Spring 2011 – (Catherine Emihovich)

  • Catherine produced a document to DAC t. The Spring 2011 enrollments figures by college and by student status after the end of the Drop/Add period. Both are compared to the Spring 2010 enrollment data. View the “Container” for each individual department data. This data should be review periodically, to check for accuracy.

Faculty Annual Evaluations – (Tom Dana)

  • Please review Article 18.2 and send Addendum Annual Report to DAC (from each of the schools).
  • If you have files on any employee, make sure there is a file labeled “Evaluation File”, which should only contain information for assignments and evaluation reviews, accessible to that particular employee (Review: Article 18.4 and 18.5).

Article 18 specifically: http://www.hr.ufl.edu/labor-relations/moa/Article%2018.docx

All the union contracts can be found at: http://www.hr.ufl.edu/labor-relations/union.asp

Next DAC meeting: Tuesday, February 1, 2011 (Norman Hall – Room 158).


Submitted by Krystle Rushing