1 February, 2011 Dean’s Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

DAC Meeting
February 1, 2011
9:00AM – 11:00AM

Attending: Jean Crockett, Edil Torres, Elizabeth Bondy, Theresa Vernetson, John Kranzler,
Catherine Emihovich, Naomi Castillo, Paul Sindelar, Sevan Tarzan, Holly Lane,
Cindy Griffin, Tracy Linderholm

Announcements –

Eduventures – Catherine Emihovich
Eduventures’ Schools of Education Learning Collaborative invites the University of Florida to participate in two studies. This is a reliable and good organization and Catherine Emihovich would like for the College of Education to participate in both studies. John Kranzler will follow up and make sure that the College of Education participates and turn in necessary materials.

2010-11 PhD Program Assessment – John Kranzler
Data presented on Microsoft Excel handout. John Kranzler will send out data to DAC as soon as all of the data disaggregated.

Fien Professorship selection – John Kranzler
The term for the Irving and Rose Fien Professorship is about to expire. An internal search will be conducted. Adjustments to the committee and to the handout may be changed a little, before the Fien Professorship is offered. Currently Mary Brownell and Dorene Ross hold this Fien Professorship and John Kranzler will contact them to see if there should be any updates and improvements based on discussions with each of them. Jean Crockett – Is it possible to change aspects of the Professorship and how we maintain giving this out? This award should speak out and be of a high reputation for full-time professors. Catherine Emihovich – We can only support two (2) Fien Professorships at one time. This Professorship is designed for just one person, however the reason we have two (2) is primarily because both (Brownell and Ross) were outstanding candidates. However, we cannot afford over 2. We must get approval from the Fien daughters, before we go and change any of the information within the Professorship. Jean Crockett – Why shouldn’t the incumbents reup and submit? Not saying we should have more than 2. Elizabeth Bondy – I cannot imagine why it cannot be renewable. I think that we should continue in allowing it to be renewable. Catherine Emihovich – Maybe we should offer a renewable Professorship to both candidates and then if they both want to do it then we should just allow them to be reinstated, but if both candidates decide not to, then proceed to search committee. Jean Crockett – It seems like we are short changing ourselves if we allow these professors to just stay in this Professorship. We should remain focused on how to deal with new applicants. Fien is a recognition Professorship.

Questions to address at the next DAC meeting:
Elizabeth Bondy – Should the Pro be renewable?
Edil Torres – Can we bring in some external candidates?
Paul Sindelar – How many Fien Professorship recipients will there be?

Catherine Emihovich will bring in budget that describes the principal and spendable balance, to the next DAC meeting.

Research Conference – John Kranzler
Showcase some of the work that goes on in the College of Education. Contact Ana Puig (anapuig@coe.ufl.edu) for any further information regarding the conference.

Old Business –

Budget Update – Catherine/Naomi
Naomi Castillo handed out mid-year review summary drafts, explaining projections of budgets for each individual unit (for the academic year). The data shown is after taxes. Catherine Emihovich – This data does not show IDC money. We could use money (IDC funds) from OER to help pay research portions of individual salaries. $387K has been taken out to pay for the summer – 2011.

Search Updates – All
John Kranzler – PKY – Collecting nominations. Posting closes on the Tuesday, Feb 15th.
Catherine Emihovich – AD Search – No new updates.
Elizabeth Bondy – STEM – Kent Crippen and Robert Capraro are being evaluated. Edil Torres – Counselor ED – 20 applicants. Tuesday, Feb 7th a decision will be made.

New Business –

Summer school (A/C1) expense projections – All
Catherine Emihovich – Tom Dana will contact the three school directors, he will need detail projections for who will be teaching and the cost of their assignments. Assume that the compensation would be 12.5%. Also, he will need for each of the school directors to set summer schedules. We must maintain SCH. Realistic deadline: Tuesday, Feb 15th.

Discussion –

NCTQ/USNWR Teacher Education Study – Catherine Emihovich
National research group that conducts studies (voluntary and involuntary) on education schools and they have recently teamed up with US World News Report. AAU Ed Deans, AACTE, CADREI and SUS Deans will send letters to USNWR telling them what they are involved with. The University of Florida, College of Education will not be participating with this and will not release any data. This group wants to publish a guide that tells what education programs do and do not do. Grading based on A,B,C,D,F scale.

UF’s Internationalization Task Force – Theresa Vernetson
College of Education must produce student level outcomes – undergraduate and graduate – concerning Internationalization. This information must be placed on our website to be shared. On Friday, Theresa Vernetson will deliver information to the Task Force group. Theresa Vernetson – The three school directors should bring up the topic of measurable student outcomes during their next faculty meeting. Theresa Vernetson will send out documents to the three directors for review and examples.


Minutes submitted by Krystle Rushing