Hybrid Ed.D. Program of Study – Higher Education

Hybrid Ed.D. Program

The Ed.D. program includes a combination of higher education core content courses, research methods, and dissertation hours. Course delivery order varies slightly with each cohort based upon faculty availability. A sample program of study is listed below.

Higher Education Core Content Courses (42 credit hours):

EDH 6065 History of American Higher Education

EDH 6664 Public Policy in Higher Education

EDH 7635 Higher Education Administration

EDH 7505 Financing of Higher Education

EDH 6931 Change Leadership in American Higher Education

EDH 7405 The Law and Higher Education

EDH 6046 Diversity Issues in Higher Education

EDH 6006 The College Student

EDH 6503 Resource Development in Higher Education

EDH 6053 Community College in America

EDH 7636 Organizational Theory in Higher Education

EDH 6931 Advanced Theory of College Student Development

EDH 7634 Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education

Research Methods Courses (12 credit hours): 

EDF 7486 Research Methods

EDF 6401 Educational Statistics

EDF 6464 Reading, Designing Qualitative Research

EDH 6931 Seminar in Higher Education Research Design (or equivalent)

Transfer Credit (15 credit hours)

Dissertation Research (21 credit hours)