A Doctoral Leadership Grant Opportunity

Project TIER: Teaching, Intervention, and Efficacy Research

What is Project TIER?

Project TIER is doctoral leadership training opportunity at the University of Florida for individuals who are interested in obtaining a Ph.D. in Special Education and expertise in Reading, Behavior, and Research, Evaluation, and Methodology (REM).

Our Students

Project TIER students receive doctoral coursework in both evidence-based practices for students with disabilities and quantitative research methods. Students also attend national conferences, participate in research workshops, and receive hands-on experience working on a variety of studies targeting behavioral and literacy needs of students with disabilities.

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How do I gather more information?

For more information please contact Dr. Nicholas Gage at gagenicholas@coe.ufl.edu.


Dr. Holly Lane

Principal Investigator for Project TIER

Dr. Nicholas Gage

Co-Principal Investigator for Project TIER