File and Data Storage

To maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of university-related data, all files related to UF business should be stored on a secured network drive or UF-approved cloud solutions.

  • Network Drives
    • Each unit has its own department or research folder hosted in the COE or UFIT file server.
    • Each Faculty or Staff is granted a Home folder, which is a private space in the File server.

Protecting restricted data is a shared responsibility. You are responsible for ensuring that your use of permitted services complies with laws, regulations, and policies where applicable. Please see the links below to familiarize yourself with what you can store and share using UF’s cloud services.

Data Restoration

Data restoration is a critical process that aims to recover lost or compromised data in various scenarios, including hardware failures, infections, accidental deletions, or data file corruption.

  • If the data was saved on the COE network drive for a day, it is possible that COE IT can restore the file from the network backups. Please submit a helpdesk ticket or email and include the name of the file/folder and the actual folder path/location.
  • For UF-approved cloud services, a ticket to UFIT may be required.

Please note that only files saved on the network are backed up. Anything saved locally is not included in our nightly backup process. UF official business data should not be permanently stored locally on a computer.

Data Retention

Electronic records are subject to UF’s Records Retention Schedule, which dictates the duration for which something should be preserved based on the nature of the information, irrespective of its format (whether it’s in the form of paper documents, electronic files, email messages, databases, etc.). It is incumbent upon individual employees or units to ascertain which retention schedule applies to the content of their electronic records or emails.

Research Records and Data

Research records and data must adhere to relevant federal, state, and institutional regulations and guidelines. UF Record Management  Research Records & Data webpage details more information on this policy and additional procedures you should be familiar with.