File Storage

The College of Education offers server storage on web, Sharepoint and file servers. These computing resources may be made available to students, faculty and staff to further the College’s educational and research related missions.

We do not implement hard limits on server-based storage; however, our resources are limited. Storing more than you need or trying to use file server space to backup your entire machine impacts directly our storage and backup costs. If order to avoid the need to charge for resources and maximize the life of our infrastructure please help us by using the space as efficiently as possible.

File space for individuals is not created automatically and should be requested from COE IT. Access to existing files within your department or responsibility area must be approved by a supervisor. Our primary file servers can be accessed by either Macintosh or PC-based computers and drives can be mapped so that they appear local to your machine. As with most of our services, access is controlled by Gatorlink ID’s.

While incidental personal use is permissible in most settings, these resources are made available only for College-related activities. Official UF Policy states that occasional personal use of university computing resources for other purposes is permitted when it does not consume a significant amount of those resources, does not interfere with the performance of the user’s job or other university responsibilities, and is otherwise in compliance with this policy. Further limits may be imposed upon personal use in accordance with normal supervisory procedures concerning the use of University equipment.

Please do not store inappropriate and or a disproportionate amount of content on College computers, such as lots personal digital video, music or photos. In addition to the inappropriate use of state resources, this content may pose a liability to the College. For example, if the content is subject to copyright regulations. Any content which does not meet the multitude of regulations referenced within the University of Florida Acceptable Use Policy may present a liability. If you find that you need to utilize or store personal content, we recommend you purchase a portable hard drive and keep the content off of state owned equipment.

With the exception of storage utilization, COE IT does not monitor, filter or regulate content on our servers. Under certain circumstances, however, the College may be held liable if it fails to take reasonable remedial steps after it learns of illegal uses of its computer facilities. It is your responsibility to ensure that you use computer resources lawfully.

If any files stored on College computers violate any of the regulations contained within the University of Florida Acceptable Use Policy it is your duty to see that violating content is removed. If you have any question as to what is acceptable please review the University of Florida Acceptable Use Policy.