Loaner Equipment

The College of Education offers instructional technology equipment for checkout. The equipment is available to faculty, staff and students of the College and includes:

  • Projectors and speakers
  • Video or still cameras
  • Windows and Macintosh-based PCs
  • Voice/Audio recorders
  • Webcams
  • Overhead Projectors
  • Various accessories

You may request equipment by following this link: Submit a support request.

Checkout Agreement

Loss and Damage – You are responsible for any damages or losses.

As a borrower, you assume all responsibility for any damage, loss, or theft of the equipment and accessories checked out to you.  All costs associated with the loss, theft, or damage of the equipment while on loan to you shall be the sole obligation of the borrower. Replacement charges will be based on the cost of parts and labor to repair the equipment and consideration of “normal wear and tear,” or the current cost of replacing the unit – whichever is most appropriate. The borrower bears the responsibility to return all equipment in the same condition as originally loaned.

Use of Equipment – You are responsible for abiding by all laws and policy.

As a borrower, you agree to use borrowed equipment carefully and as intended for academic pursuits and campus events.  You shall comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and university policies applicable to the use of the equipment.

You agree that you have read the University of Florida – Acceptable Use of Computing Resources Policy ( and you agree to abide by this and all UF Information Technology Policy and Standards.

You understand and agree that failure to follow all policies may result in removal of borrowing privileges.

Return – You will return the equipment in a timely manner.

You understand that failure to return the equipment at the scheduled return time may result in a fine, and/or the loss of future loan privileges as determined by the College.

Checkout Limitations – Duration and quantity.

  • All students – Undergraduate or Graduate – One week.
  • Faculty and Staff including GA’s – Three weeks.

No more than one laptop, projector or camera per named borrower. Exceptions may be made by the Director or Associate Director dependent on equipment availability.