UF DSP Releases New Award Funding Dashboard

The Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP) is pleased to announce the release of an interactive Award Funding Dashboard in Enterprise Analytics: the new, improved Enterprise Reporting.

The Sponsored Program data and report suite is now in Enterprise Analytics and the reports in Enterprise Reporting will be sunset and no longer supported as of August 31, 2018. Enterprise Reporting will continue to be the home of other UF data, until all data and reports move into the new platform at a later date.

Access is available via the “Enterprise Analytics” link in myUFL, or by logging in at reporting.it.ufl.edu, using your Gatorlink and password. Roles from Enterprise Reporting have transferred over to Enterprise Analytics, so access should be the same.

Once in Enterprise Analytics, navigate to Team Content > Sponsored Program Information > Dashboards. The dashboard currently available is Reportable Award data—those dollars that count in our annual award report.

The landing page is “YOY [Year Over Year] Funding,” which gives a direct comparison to the prior Fiscal Year. “YOY Difference” highlights those differences from prior Fiscal Year to this Fiscal Year, and the “5 Year Trend” tab gives the last five years comparatively. Different filters are available at the top so you can limit your selection and only view your particular college and/or department.

Enhancements already logged include PI or Project Manager information and enhanced Sponsor rollup graphics.

Please note, any reports located in “My Folders” will not be moved to Enterprise Analytics.

Please contact the Reporting Services team for assistance with those reports.

Additional sponsored programs reports and dashboards will be released in the coming months. The currently available reports are found in Team Content > Sponsored Program Information > Awards/Proposals. Sponsored Program reporting toolkits are available here https://learn-and-grow.hr.ufl.edu/toolkits-resource-center/financial-toolkits/grants/

Please contact reporting-services@ufl.edu for any questions or concerns about report or system navigation. A toolkit will be released soon.

Sponsored Programs specific report and data questions can be directed to reports@research.ufl.edu.