How Faculty Can Help Undergraduates Looking for Research

The UF Center for Undergraduate Research (CUR) provides resources for undergraduate researchers. Faculty can list projects in a research opportunities database that connects students from all colleges to resources for undergraduate research Faculty have the option to delete the project after it is filled, so students do not continue to contact them. For more information, see the Faculty Mentors webpage. If you are interested in mentoring undergraduate researchers, click Submit to the CUR Database. The Center for Undergraduate Research Board of Students (CURBS) provides peer advising for students who are looking for research opportunities. If you are approached by students asking how to find research, please feel free to refer them to the CURBS Peer Mentors.

CUR is committed to fostering a culture of research that encourages all students to include a research component as a critical part of their undergraduate experience. CUR provides guidance to students and faculty interested in pursuing research and creative work opportunities and the coordination of campus research activities. CUR also works to expand research opportunities across campus.

Please email with any questions.