UF’s English Education program area offers an array of courses for our undergraduate and graduate students. Whereas some of our programs have multiple required courses, other programs permit students and faculty members to work together to design an appropriate course of study. Within these tabs are tables that list courses among those offered:
LAE 3005
Children’s Literature
LAE 4314
Language Arts for Diverse Learners
LAE 4604
Language Arts for Diverse Learners in Early Childhood
LAE 6298
Literacy & Language Instruction
LAE 6339
Curriculum, Methods, and Assessment in Secondary English Language Arts
LAE 6348
Teaching Multiliteracies
LAE 6365
Language Arts: Language and Composition
LAE 6366
Language Arts: Literature
LAE 6446
Multicultural Literature for Children and Adolescents
LAE 6861
Technology and Media Literacy
LAE 6865
Teaching Media Literacy with the Internet
LAE 6869
Teaching Digital Storytelling
LAE 6939
Literacy, Family, and Culture
LAE 6945
Practicum and Assessment for Teachers of Secondary School English
LAE 7006
Language Acquisition and Education
LAE 7519
Language and Inquiry
LAE 7938
Literacy, Culture, and Politics
LAE 7934
Seminar in Composition Theory and Practice
LAE 7936
Seminar in English Language Arts
ESE 6945
Student Teaching
ESE 6344
Student Teaching Seminar