With a concentration in English Education, students can choose to earn a Master’s degree, Specialist degree, Teacher Certificate or Doctorate degree.

Degree Programs

Students earning advanced degrees in Curriculum and Instruction may elect a concentration in English Education. English Education concentrations are available for all of the Curriculum and Instruction degrees. For additional information, contact Dr. Angela Kohnen or Dr. Danling Fu.

Master’s Degrees

Master’s of Art in Education (M.A.E). Students earning the M.A.E with a focus on English language arts learn research-based classroom practices and theories of learning that support language and literacy development.

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Specialist Degree

Educational Specialist Degree (Ed.S.). Students earning an Ed.S. in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on English language arts/ literacy studies become familiar with theories of learning, the history of literacy studies, and current research in the discipline.

Elementary school students in their classroom.


Students seeking certification as a secondary level (grades 6-12) English teacher should apply to the Certificate Program in Secondary Teaching.


Doctorate Degree

The Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D.). The Ph.D. is the highest degree any university 
confers. Students who enter the doctoral program in Curriculum &
 Instruction with a concentration in English Education work with a faculty adviser to
 develop scholarship in language and literacy and to engage in professional

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