8 October, 2006 FPC Meeting Minutes

Faculty Policy Council Minutes
October 8, 2006

Members present: Cynthia Griffin, Diane Ryndak, Jamie Algina (for Rod Webb), John Kranzler, Mary Ann Clark, Sondra Smith, Linda Hagedorn (for Jim Doud), Bernie Oliver, Zhihui Fang, Elizabeth Yeager, Catherine Emihovich.

Members absent: Rod Webb, Jim Doud, Buffy Bondy

Meeting called to order at 2:04 PM.

Agenda and Minutes

1. Approval of the agenda; moved by Ryndak and seconded by Kranzler.
2. Approval of the September 11, 2006 minutes; moved by Ryndak and seconded by Griffin.

Action items

1. Discussion of need for FPC Parliamentarian to monitor adherence to Robert’s Rules of Order. During discussion no concerns were raised about the need for a Parliamentarian. Yeager moved that there is no present need to appoint a Parliamentarian and seconded by Kranzler. Unanimous approval of motion.

Informational items

1. The Dean’s Office withdrew its request for consideration of a new College policy on transfer of graduate credits. Clarification provided in memo from Thomasenia Adams to the faculty on the process and criteria to consider when submitting requests for transfer of credits.
2. Update on ad hoc committee to develop an evaluation of faculty governance in the College. Committee has been formed and is beginning work.
3. Chris Sessums to discuss distance education at November FPC meeting.
4. Update on junior faculty mentoring policy. Griffin discussed nature of changes in most recent draft based largely on feedback from junior faculty.

Committee Reports

Each committee reported briefly on their activities. Many of the committees are in the early stages of their work this academic year. The Graduate Recruitment and Petitions Committee has met and is gathering information on issues pertaining the committee’s workload and responsibilities to evaluate continuing need for this particular committee.

UF Faculty Senate Report

Griffin reported on the activity of the UF Faculty Senate. The main focus of attention pertains to issues of faculty governance in CLAS. Griffin noted that the meeting are available on-line for viewing.

Dean’s Report

1. Emihovich disseminated information on the College budget. Of note are increases in funding for graduate fellows to $20,000 per year. The College also holding back some funds for Summer A 2007. If further information is needed on Research Office funding, she suggested inviting Paul Sindelar. Emihovich also discussed different sources of funding and limitations on how these funds may be spent, such as Foundation funds.
2. Emihovich disseminated information on the allocation of new faculty lines across the College. Criteria used for making these decisions were primarily projected growth, degree production, and program visibility. She also emphasized assigning lines on the basis of potential for inter-departmental collaboration.
3. Emihovich provided an update on the consultant being brought in to work with the College on increasing collaborative efforts and optimizing the work of the College. The consultant’s name is Barbara Hill from the American Council of Education and she is an expert on institutional change.

Discussion Items

No discussion items were on the agenda and no additional items were identified. Griffin moved to adjourn and Smith seconded.

Next meeting: Monday, November 13, 2006 at 2:00 PM in 158 Norman.


11 September, 2006 FPC Meeting Minutes

Faculty Policy Council Minutes
September 11, 2006

Members present: Elizabeth Bondy, Elizabeth Yeager, Holly Lane (for Diane Ryndak), Jamie Algina (for Rod Webb), Zhihui Fang, Jim Doud, Cyndy Griffin, John Kranzler, Mary Ann Clark, Sondra Smith, Bernie Oliver
Members absent: None

Meeting called to order at 2:03 p.m.

Agenda and minutes

1. Approval of the agenda; moved by John and seconded by Jim. A correction was made to the date of the fall faculty meeting; the correct date is September 18 in the Terrace Room at 2 pm.

2. Approval of the May 1 minutes; moved by Jim and seconded by Mary Ann.

Informational items

1. Buffy made introductions of all FPC members.

2. Buffy read from the COE Constitution about the purpose and role of the FPC and emphasized that our role has evolved over the last few years from procedural matters to more substantive policy issues. She said her goal this year is to collaborate with deans, directors, etc. to achieve the aims of the COE (because faculty participation in the collaborative process is essential), and to help the FPC committees align with the goals of the COE. Another goal of hers is to be as efficient as possible in conducting FPC business. She encouraged FPC members to get the word out on FPC business to as many people in their departments as possible.

3. Fall faculty meeting is September 18 in the Terrace Room, with the focus “Research Across Borders.” Buffy has invited four speakers to talk about their projects (Mary Ann Clark, Catherine Emihovich, Hazel Jones and Linda Hayes, Catherine Tucker); also the head of the Faculty Senate will speak.

4. Reminder: FPC will meet once a month, rather than biweekly. We will meet biweekly if it becomes necessary.

5. Deans’ evaluation results are now available. Reports of the quantitative data went to each chair, but qualitative data (i.e., comments) are not public. Buffy highlighted a few issues from the results:

a. Compliments, concerns, and recommendations were the three categories of qualitative data. 59% of the faculty responded.
b. For only 10 of 47 items, Catherine received a 3 or lower rating, and these fell in 6 of the 9 categories. Promotion of excellence in diversity among faculty and students, promotion of excellence in scholarship/research, and resource development were the three categories with uniformly high
ratings. Strategic planning, faculty/dean communication, interpretation of the scholarship of engagement concept, and promotion of excellence in teaching were some of the categories where the lower ratings were identified. Catherine will address these issues in a State of the College address at the reception on September 14; she also wants to reinstate dean/faculty lunches this year within departments. In addition, there will be a new process for selecting faculty to be recognized for scholarship of engagement activities.
c. Buffy stated that Catherine has already been responsive and proactive in responding to concerns expressed in the evaluations.
d. John said we need to disaggregate faculty and staff responses in the quantitative evaluation results.
e. Provost will be doing a 5-year review of all deans on a rotating basis.

6. Recruitment of minority graduate students: Any plans for this should be submitted to Michael Bowie and Thomasenia Adams; there is financial support available.

7. Selection of award winners for commencement: Questions were raised last year about how some of the recipients were chosen and who made the decisions. Buffy suggested that we continue allowing the Commencement Committee to decide about the alumni awards so that there is faculty input.

8. Fien candidates reminder: Foster coming in 9/12-9/13; Hall 9/20-9/21; Bracken 9/27-9/28. Faculty input is very important in the process.

Discussion items

1. Faculty Mentoring Policy:
Last spring, faculty had concerns about the policy proposed by the Research Initiative Task Force. Based on feedback from the 5/1/06 FPC meeting, Buffy edited the original proposal.
Discussion: Jamie suggested we strike “and negotiate the particular…” and replace it with “possible purpose and goals.” John suggested replacing “effectiveness of mentoring” with “helpfulness of mentoring.” Buffy suggested a change to “the chair shall consult annually with the mentor and the mentee to discuss the helpfulness of the mentor and progress toward tenure,” with the understanding that the chair could meet separately or together with mentor and mentee. Mary Ann suggested that we set a time for this policy to be in place, and Holly suggested we set mentor meetings for once a month, at least for the first year. Buffy suggested language about “kind and frequency” of mentoring in the “mentoring roles” section of the proposal. Bernie said we should let the mentor and mentee decide the nature of their relationship, rather than the FPC dictating it. Buffy said we can use language that is flexible in this regard. Jamie said we may want to delete the part about the mentor commenting on the mentee’s progress toward tenure because this may inhibit the relationship.
This proposal will be an action item for next month’s FPC meeting. Holly, Cyndy, and Zhihui will edit the proposal draft and follow up on getting feedback from departments and from Jeri’s upcoming meeting with junior faculty.
Departmental feedback should be emailed by FPC members to Holly.
All final comments will go to Buffy.

2. Establishing procedure to assess the effectiveness of shared COE governance:
Buffy said a reasonable way to do this may be to get an ad hoc committee together to draft a proposal for this procedure (e.g., past chairs of FPC). UF Faculty Senate wants to know our procedure soon. We agreed to let Buffy approach several faculty and a dean’s rep to serve on this committee.

3. FPC committees:
Buffy made a handout of the committees and their activities, with members listed, what they have been working on recently, and “to do” list.
We need another member of the Agenda Committee; John volunteered and everyone agreed to this.
We also need a dean’s rep on every committee and Buffy will talk with Jeri about this.
We need an FPC rep on each committee to call the first meeting and set the agenda. At all committee meetings, minutes must be recorded. Also, final reports of committee activity must be submitted to Buffy by April 30.
Buffy said we may want to eliminate the Student Recruitment, Admission, and Petitions Committee because this work is already being done in several other places in the COE (e.g., Thomasenia’s committee of graduate coordinators and Michael Bowie).
John suggested we let the FPC rep to SRAP be in charge of convening the SRAP to decide what to do about keeping the committee, appointing a liaison to Thomasenia’s committee, and/or changing the constitution. We agreed to this.

Other FPC committee liaisons:
Rod Webb, Technology
Elizabeth Yeager, Curriculum
John, SRAP and Agenda Committee
Sondra, Faculty and Budgetary Affairs
Diane, Lectures, Seminars and Awards
Bernie, Long Range Planning
Mary Ann, Research Advisory

4. Transfer of credit from masters to doctoral programs
Thomasenia submitted a proposal because we currently have no COE policy on this issue.
Buffy asked for questions and comments to be emailed to her on this proposal; when she gets feedback, she will give it to Thomasenia. We decided to continue this discussion next month.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:10 pm.

Next meeting is October 9.


17 April, 2006 FPC Meeting Minutes

Spring Faculty Meeting
April 17, 2006
Terrace Room

Purposes: to report on this year’s accomplishments and to look to next year’s activities

1. FPC Updates (Hazel Jones)

Lectures, Seminars and Awards: developed the Graduate Teaching Award; assisted with speakers for Centennial Celebration; reviewed applications for the Dissertation/Mentor Award; reviewed sabbatical applications
Long Range Planning: revised the dean’s evaluation; began conversation with Fran Vandiver concerning increasing collaboration between Norman and PK faculty
Research Advisory: Interviewed candidates for the position of Director of the Office of Educational Research; revised B.O. Smith Professorship guidelines and will review applications in near future; reviewed CRIF applications; collaborated with the OER on travel awards
College Curriculum Committee: revised directions for submitting course and program proposals; approved 10 graduate courses in STL, and 1 each in Ed Psych and Special Ed; approved a new Education Minor and terminated two outdated minors; approved a self-supported bachelor of science degree in Early Childhood Studies; will review an additional 19 graduate courses and 1 undergraduate course at the 4/24/06 meeting
Faculty and Budgetary Affairs: developed guidelines for non-tenure track faculty T and P; have begun conversations about faculty load and faculty involvement with COE budget; will revise T and P guidelines for tenure-track faculty next year
Student Recruitment, Admissions, and Petitions: Developed a proposal to the Dean concerning the use of COE funds for graduate student recruitment; clarified focus of the committee on policies regarding student recruitment

2. Strategic planning updates

Research Initiatives (Paul Sindelar): 2 retreats held during fall; developed agenda for the year at those retreats; accomplishments: developed policy related to faculty mentoring; developed memo to Dean concerning space for a faculty commons area; deferred discussion of faculty load to Faculty and Budgetary Affairs; started brown bag seminars (e.g., Luis Ponjuan’s today); developed online survey of faculty training needs (online til this Friday)—use “faculty” as password; developed a draft policy for first-year research fellows (to be sent to appropriate source); developed OER website; task force has met monthly this year
Faculty/Student Recruitment, Retention and Professional Development: March 24 workshop, Fostering Diversity and Success in Academia through Professional Development, was attended by 16 COE; the committee plans to have more of these next year
Note: Task force co-chairs will meet with deans and FPC representatives on April 28 to get organized for next year

3. Faculty Senate (Stephen Smith): Please see www.senate.ufl.edu for information about the Faculty Senate; elections for chair of Senate to happen this Thursday; shared governance task force report to be voted on this Thursday; senate-union relations/frequently asked questions; conversations about UF budget (these are all links on the Senate’s home page); Meetings link—agendas and minutes for all meetings; Stephen encouraged us to join university committees (our representation has not been good in the last few years); UF strategic work plan, an evolving document (please note the absence of the COE in text related to Children and Families—bring this up with Kim Tanzer, President, Provost, Barry Ash; Amelia Hugas; the Dean encouraged us to make our voices heard—there is an ad hoc committee to revise that document)

4. P.K. Yonge and Baby Gator

PKY (Lynda Hayes): 1155 students at PKY; 60 students/grade in K-5, 120/grade in 6-12; 43% minority students; 50% F/R lunch; 33% on IEPs and 504 plans; no severe disabilities; over 95% graduate from high school; 90% pass third-grade FCAT; 84 faculty members; 75% hold advanced degrees, 85% more than 5 years experience; last 5 years, a lot of professional development in surrounding districts, particularly related to Florida Reading Initiative; 11 faculty have taught COE courses in last several years; Ellen Amatea was there for 4 years; Nancy Waldron for 3 years; about 30 research projects conducted by faculty from colleges across UF; recently, research has focused on reading, family involvement, and professional development; summer program for K-8 struggling readers—this summer, up to 30 teachers will work for 2 weeks to do in depth learning related to reading; next year, Saturday series for teacher professional development; a great place to “figure things out” before taking program to scale; possibilities for collaboration—coordinate classroom experiences with COE course requirements; longitudinal studies (stable student population); pilot studies. Seek deliberative, extended partnerships, including with graduate students (e.g., doc student working with Senior Project). Want a joint COE/PKY collaborative research council.
Baby Gator (Pam Pallas): Goal is to move Baby Gator from a childcare facility to a research facility. Have improved quality of staff. Most teachers moving toward associates degrees and bachelor’s degrees. Have expanded the curriculum and plan to publish a Baby Gator curriculum. Curriculum has been accepted by state as VPK curriculum. Ran VPK this year, Will run a summer program if have enough children, and will run VPK in
fall. Ts are doing a lot of mentoring, helping childcare providers, speaking at conferences. A goal is to expand physical site. Have 500 on waiting list! Want to increase research. Get children at 6 months; can follow them over time. Goal is to be viewed as a center for excellence in early childhood education. Have 131 children enrolled, through pre-K. 20 countries represented (as of today). Have some trained Montessori teachers, sign language expertise, include students with special needs, use of portfolios as assessment tool (are doing training in this area). Have worked with School of Medicine, College of Nursing from UF and Lake City Community College, College of Agriculture, College of Dentistry, College of Design (to design new building). From 5-7 PM on 4/24, can see design for new building. Or, see the designs outside of 158 Norman earlier that day.

5. Other College Initiatives:

Theresa Vernetson: International Education minor for the COE; Faculty discussion in January with interested faculty. Int’l Ed minor: 15-hour undergrad minor; would include Global Studies course that may become a general education course; also, a study-abroad experience. Study Abroad Programs–faculty interested in faculty-led study abroad. Will continue to work on this. For 2007, potential trips to Costa Rica, India, Britain. This summer, a full to the brim trip to South Africa
Chris Sessums, Director for Distance Education; 15 COE courses for spring semester; 18 to be offered this summer; Next steps: Chris has met with all department chairs; putting together ad hoc faculty advisory group as a sounding board (may be the FPC Technology Committee); developing a strategic plan for Distance Ed for the COE; workshops for instructors interested in distance teaching and learning; Chris is in 173 Norman and is available by email (csessums@coe.ufl.edu)
Trace Choulat: Stole Dan Brooks from operations at UF; Dan is coordinating a new help-desk initiative; new fire wall in January for the COE; if you want your individual mail scanned, let Trace know; quantitative and qualitative software available—contact Trace; Inspirations software available (version 8); information display in hall in dean’s area (contact Larry Lansford or Trace); there is an effort underway to improve services at UF (there is a three-year timeline, but Trace thinks this may be overly optimistic); considering doing a survey of faculty to check on technology needs

6. Dean Emihovich

Announcements: Scholarship of Engagement dinner this Thursday (biggest turnout); Nov. 2-4 conference on Closing the Achievement Gap; proposals due 5/15; Joy Rodgers has left and will be replaced (Larry Lansford’s office); Margaret Gaylord leaving to work in pediatrics, so we’ll be looking for a replacement; we have surpassed this year’s target for fundraising; Concentrated effort next year will focus on Engaged Scholarship (Nancy Dana and Don Pemberton, co-chairs) and Curriculum and Program Development (Dorene Ross and Fran Vandiver, co-chairs). The focus on serving the public interest will continue at the national level and here at home. Coming up: development of trans- disciplinary programs, particularly at graduate level; (Catherine will chair dean’s search for dean of the graduate school); we have received $400,000 for renovations in “historic” Norman Hall.

The video: Old Norman renovation project ($18,000,000)


20 March, 2006 FPC Meeting Minutes

Faculty Policy Council Minutes
March 20, 2006

Members present: Ellen Amatea, Buffy Bondy, Mary Brownell, Mary Ann Clark, Jim Doud, Ester de Jong, Cyndy Griffin, Hazel Jones, Tracy Linderholm, Rod Webb

Members absent: Dave Honeyman

Others present: Jeri Benson

Meeting called to order at 2:06 PM.

Agenda and Minutes

1. Approval of the agenda for 3/20/06: moved by Mary and seconded by Ellen
2. Approval of the minutes from the 3/06/06 meeting with 2 corrections: Both Jim Doud and Tracy Linderholm were in attendance. Moved by Cyndy and seconded by Tracy.


Agenda Committee Meeting: April 17
COE faculty meeting: April 17, 2-4 PM, Terrace Room

Committee Reports

CCC (Bondy): The committee will meet on March 27.
FBAC (de Jong): Will meet this Thursday to discuss feedback on T and P for non-tenure track faculty and will then bring to the FPC. The additional items on their agenda, which are likely to run into next year, include revising T and P guidelines for tenure-track faculty, planning for the aspects of the COE budget that the committee should consider; and addressing faculty load.
(Amatea): Will meet to deliberate on the graduate teaching award.
Long-Range Planning (Griffin): Fran Vandiver met with the committee on March 8. Although there are many research projects in place at PKY during a typical year, few are with COE faculty. Ways to enhance collaboration: to plan a research in action day at PKY for the fall (an open house for COE faculty to come and see what projects are in place); Fran will write an informative flier on PKY and its research projects for COE faculty; Fran will meet with new COE faculty; liaison to facilitate research between the COE and PKY and other schools; enhance PIR program at PKY; involve the COE’s OER to build awareness of research at PKY. Also, will discuss mission of the LRP committee. Decided that Cyndy would recommend to Fran several items that our faculty would like to see included in a “fact sheet” that she will distribute at the April 17 faculty meeting

(e.g., PKY demographics, model programs in place at PKY, research projects in place this year, faculty concerns/questions about their own practice).
Research Advisory Committee (Clark): Reading CRIF proposals this week and will meet next week. Will review B.O. Smith applications in April.
Student Recruitment, Admissions, and Petitions Committee (Linderholm): Still pondering proposal to dean on support for graduate student recruitment.
Technology Committee (Webb): Committee members are interested in distance ed issues.

Dean’s Report

Jeri pointed out that the College of Education is not named in President Machen’s plan when he describes UF’s focus on Children and Families. She encouraged us to respond to Dr. Machen, who has requested faculty feedback.
Distance education: Chris Sessums hired as a director of distance education at the COE. Working on a Ph.D. in STL, focusing on teacher professional development. Spent 6 years in Office of Continuing Education where he was director of distance learning. Has 2 staff members (Uzma Bhatti and Leslie Merryman). Jeri sees Chris’s group as a sixth department in the COE. It will be self-supporting.

Action Items


Report from the Faculty Senate

COE will be featured in Academics (sent out by Kim Tanzer).

Discussion Items


Meeting adjourned at 3:15 PM.


6 March, 2006 FPC Meeting Minutes

Faculty Policy Council Minutes
March 6, 2006

Members present: Ellen Amatea, Buffy Bondy, Mary Ann Clark, Ester de Jong, Jim Doud, Cyndy Griffin, Dave Honeyman, Hazel Jones, Holly Lane (for Mary Brownell), Tracy Linderholm

Members absent: Rod Webb

Others present: Catherine Emihovich, Margaret Gaylord

Meeting called to order at 2:10 PM.

Agenda and Minutes

1. Approval of the agenda for 3/06/06: moved by Cyndy and seconded by Ester
2. Approval of the minutes from the 2/20/06 meeting: moved by Ester and seconded by Mary Ann


• Agenda committee meetings: March 20, April 17
• COE faculty meeting: April 17, 2-4 PM, Terrace Room
• Faculty/Student Recruitment, Retention, and Development workshop on Diversity, March 24, 2006, 8:30-10 AM

Dean’s Report

• Video to be debuted at April 17 faculty meeting: highlights Experiential Learning Complex and Norman Hall renovations
• Third Fien speaker today at 3:30 (Luis Moll)
• November 2-4 conference to close the centennial celebration: Closing the Achievement Gap through Collaboration; Marilyn Cochran-Smith, Richard Rothstein, and one other as keynote speakers; to take place at St. Pete Hilton
• College of Education giving: COE had best record on campus last year in relation to our identified target; Catherine and Margaret described the process of fundraising for the COE

Committee Reports

College Curriculum Committee (Bondy): Met 2/27; reviewed 4 new course proposals and discussed transfer of credits from masters to doctoral programs
Faculty and Budgetary Affairs Committee (de Jong): The committee has sent the drafted proposal for T and P for non-tenure track faculty to the entire faculty for feedback; hope to put it on the FPC agenda as an action item later in March. The committee is also
developing an action plan for FPC for next year to revise guidelines for T and P for tenure-track faculty. The committee is also discussing what aspects of the COE budget should be considered by the committee. Finally, the committee is considering faculty load.
Lectures, Seminars and Award Committees (Amatea): No report.
Long Range Planning Committee (Griffin): Will meet on Wednesday. Cyndy has contacted the Survey Research Center. Okay to include Jeri’s evaluation with Catherine’s. Fran Vandiver will attend Wednesday’s meeting to discuss a collaborative research effort between COE and PKY.
Research Advisory Committee (Clark): Will meet on March 24 to review the CRIF grant proposals.
Student Recruitment, Admissions, and Petitions Committee (Linderholm): Have completed a draft of a proposal to the dean concerning support for recruitment. Are drafting a new mission statement for the committee.
Technology Committee (Webb): No report.

Action Items


Report from the Faculty Senate

President Machen talked to the Senate about decreasing undergraduate enrollment and maintaining exemplary undergraduate education. However, he wants the professional schools to be responsive to the needs of the state. We decided to place this item on the agenda committee meeting so we can encourage Catherine to speak with us about the president’s “work plan” for UF.

Discussion Items


Meeting adjourned at 3:17 PM.


20 February, 2006 FPC Meeting Minutes

Faculty Policy Council Minutes
February 20, 2006

Members present: Ellen Amatea, Buffy Bondy, Mary Ann Clark, Ester de Jong, Jim Doud, Cyndy Griffin, Hazel Jones, Holly Lane (for Mary Brownell), Tracy Linderholm

Members absent: Dave Honeyman, Rod Webb

Others present: Jeri Benson (Dean’s report)

Meeting called to order at 2:01 PM

Agenda and Minutes

1. Approval of the agenda for 2/20/06: moved by Ester and seconded by Ellen.
2. Approval of the minutes from the 2/06/06 meeting moved by Ellen and seconded by Cyndy.


FPC Agenda Committee Meetings for spring: March 20 and April 17, 2006

Dean’s Report

COE Budget: Jeri distributed a one-page state budget. The FPC found the budget very informative and requested that numbers from the previous year be included in the future.
Director of Distance Education: Tom Dana ran the search (and launched the distance ed effort in the COE). The new person will be supervised by Jeri. There are currently 2 staff working on distance education; the new person will supervise them. At the next FPC meeting, the Dean will report on the history, present, and future of distance education in the COE (which she will also present to the Provost).

Committee Reports

College Curriculum Committee (Bondy): Will meet on 2/27 to discuss new course proposals, a new program proposal, and a couple of discussion items.
Faculty and Budgetary Affairs Committee (de Jong): Non-tenure track faculty promotion report sent to all members of the committee and will come to FPC after their feedback. Will next be working on changing the T and P committee guidelines using feedback from this year’s T and P committee. Probably won’t be completed by May.
Lectures, Seminars & Awards Committee (Amatea): No report.
Long Range Planning Committee (Griffin): See action item below. Next meeting is March 8, and Cyndy will invite Fran Vandiver to talk with the committee about how to facilitate a collaborative research effort between COE and PKY. Also, this committee will reconsider its mission statement.
Research Advisory Committee (Clark): No report.
Student Recruitment, Admissions, & Petitions Committee (Linderholm): Do we need to change the mission statement of this committee? The committee could focus on the student scholarships, since it’s no longer responsible for duties assumed by Michael Bowie’s and Thomasenia Adams’ committees. The committee will reconsider its mission statement.
Technology Committee (Webb): No report.

Action Items

Dean’s evaluation from Long Range Planning Committee (Cyndy): Unanimously approved with amendments to item #2 in order to collect more data on the roles of those who respond to the survey. Note: The committee will identify themes in the data, and Hazel and Buffy will present results to the Dean and a brief analysis to the faculty.

Report from the Faculty Senate

The 7 senators are responsible for sending news of senate meetings to COE faculty. Hazel will remind them of this task.

Discussion Items

Spring Faculty Meeting: Monday, April 17; Cyndy and the Long Range Planning Committee will develop a framework for the strategic planning committee chairs to prepare their presentations for the spring faculty meeting.

Adjourned at 3:50 PM.


6 February, 2006 FPC Meeting Minutes

Faculty Policy Council Minutes
February 6, 2006

Members present: Ellen Amatea, Buffy Bondy, Mary Brownell, Mary Ann Clark, Jim Doud, Ester de Jong, Cyndy Griffin, Dave Honeyman, Hazel Jones, Tracy Linderholm

Members absent: Rod Webb

Others present: Jeri Benson (Dean’s report)

Meeting called to order at 2:07 PM.

Agenda and Minutes

1. Approval of the agenda for February 6, 2006—moved by Cyndy Griffin and seconded by Tracy Linderholm
2. Approval of the minutes from the 1/23/06 meeting—moved by Mary Ann Clark and seconded by Ester de Jong. Change date of February agenda committee to 2/13; check on time of Ladson-Billings talk on 2/17 (note: 2PM-3:30 PM). Unanimously approved.


Agenda committee: 2/13, 3/21, 4/17

Dean’s Report

Budget report at next FPC meeting.
Summer 2006 budgets: Chairs are currently cutting original requests for summer budgets.
Provost has requested budget review in mid-March (a month earlier than last year). Departments are completing reports.
Interviewing candidates: 2 for STL this week.
Catherine on a fund-raising trip in CA.
Request for the dean to present a fund-raising report to the FPC.

Committee Reports

CCC (Bondy): 2 courses proposed at 1/30/06 meeting; one held up due to perceived overlap with courses in Department of Educational Psychology. Dave Honeyman reminded us that there is a sign-off sheet (indicating approval of another department or program area) that should be included with a new course proposal to avoid this kind of problem.
Faculty Budgetary Affairs (de Jong): No report.
Lectures, Seminars, and Awards (Amatea): Deliberated about sabbatical awards this morning. Chose March 10 for deadline for applications for Graduate Student Teaching Award. Thomasenia Adams will publicize this award.
Long Range Planning (Griffin): Has completed a draft of the dean’s evaluation. To discuss under Action Items.
Research Advisory Committee (Clark): Travel support award—Paul Sindelar and Anna Puig handled it internally because the funds come from their budget. They took their decisions to the RAC, who agreed with their decisions. B.O. Smith Research Professorships: one available for this year; potential for 3 years of funding, renewed from year to year; focuses on associates preparing to go up for full professor. If person is promoted to full, the money can be moved to another person. Meeting date established to determine CRIF and B.O. Smith applications. Discussed COE Research Incentive Pay Plan. It’s on hold until relevant Union issues are settled.
Student Recruitment, Admissions, and Petitions Committee (Linderholm): Developing a proposal for a college-wide recruitment fund.
Technology Committee (Webb): No report.

Action Items

Cyndy Griffin reported on drafted Dean’s Evaluation Survey: $800 to post and monitor survey on line and provide simple analysis for one survey only. Dean’s roles and accomplishments should be included with the web-based survey. There are 9 categories with associated items. Jeri suggested that the dean could organize her report according to the 9 categories in the survey. Cyndy will revise based on feedback from the FPC and some clarification from the Dean. Cyndy will email the next version of the survey to us before the next FPC meeting. Delay action until next meeting.

Report from the Faculty Senate

Overlooked this item on the agenda.

Discussion Items

Student Recruitment, Admissions, and Petitions Committee—to keep or not to keep? The committee now focuses on graduate student recruitment only. Two other committees are addressing this, one overseen by Michael Bowie and one by Thomasenia Adams and grad coordinators Decision: Tracy will seek information to clarify the roles of each of the 3 existing committees and report back to the FPC.

Adjourned at 4PM.

Moved by Amatea and seconded by Linderholm.


23 January, 2006 FPC Meeting Minutes

Faculty Policy Council Minutes
January 23, 2006

Members Present: Ellen Amatea, Buffy Bondy, Mary Brownell, Mary Ann Clark, Ester de Jong, Kathy Gratto, Cyndy Griffin, Hazel Jones, Tracy Linderholm

Members Absent: Dave Honeyman, Rod Webb

Others Present: Paul Sindelar (dean’s report)

Meeting called to order at 2:07 PM.

Agenda and Minutes

1. Approval of the agenda for January 23, 2006—moved by Griffin and seconded by Brownell. Unanimously approved.
2. Approval of the minutes from the 12/5/05 meeting–moved by Griffin and seconded by Brownell. Unanimously approved.


Tentative dates for agenda committee meetings for spring: 2/13, 3/20, 4/17

Dean’s Report

Paul Sindelar presented the dean’s report as Deans Emihovich and Benson are attending a meeting in the CLAS regarding a new, collaborative teacher ed program.
1/24: David Brooks at Emerson Hall, 6:30 PM
1/26: Robert Jimenez, 3PM, presentation (note: can count toward the 45-hour professional development expectation for faculty teaching ESOL-infused courses); faculty conversation at 11AM focusing on readings Candace Harper has provided
2/17: Gloria Ladson-Billings; 2 PM lecture
3/6: Luis Moll; 3PM lecture
2/6: David Figlio; noon in Terrace Room

Dean’s Report in the COE News: In the monthly COE News reports there is a message from the Dean. This month there’s an update on the work of the strategic planning task forces.
Fien Search Committee: STL has really gotten the word out, less so in other departments. Let’s get a large, strong list of candidates.

Committee Reports

CCC (Bondy): 12/12 and 1/30. Mainly focusing on adding new courses; trying to encourage the deletion of courses no longer offered
Faculty and Budgetary Affairs (de Jong): Did much of the work early in the fall and then work moved to an ad hoc committee to develop promotion guidelines for non-tenure track faculty. Goal is to bring the document to the February 20 FPC meeting. The challenge: the conditions under which lecturers and scholars are working (how to achieve the standards given the conditions). And, will the raise in salary be available to them? Furthermore, how do we avoid making it an obvious 2-tiered system (tenure and non-tenure track faculty). Other issues on the committee’s agenda: faculty teaching load, faculty involvement in budgetary matters (need to discuss this in agenda committee!)
Lectures, Seminars, and Awards (Amatea): Made recommendation to dean re: Dissertation Advisor/Mentoring Award. Will soon discuss sabbatical applications. Will forward to Dr. Adams the final guidelines for the graduate faculty teaching award. Dr. Dykes will chair the committee for the rest of the year. Suggestion: CRIF and Travel awards applications go to Research Advisory Committee rather than Lectures, Seminars, and Awards.
Long Range Planning (Griffin): Working on dean’s evaluation. Sub-committee developed draft based on 4 documents (UF faculty survey, evaluation of administrators from provost’s office, last year’s dean evaluation, evaluation developed by Linda Hagedorn). Sent draft to all committee members and to Catherine. Jeri is ex-officio member of the committee. Will discuss the draft on Thursday (1/26) within the committee. Catherine perceives a mismatch between what she sees as her roles and responsibilities and what the faculty want to evaluate her on. Hazel pointed out that the evaluation must be ready for distribution by April 1. The committee would like the survey research center on campus to administer the survey; have tentative agreement from dean’s office to do this. Need to send out statement of dean’s goals and accomplishments before and along with the evaluation.
Research Advisory Committee (Clark): Stephen Smith intends to call a meeting soon. New business may include a discussion of rewards for faculty who win grants, selecting this year’s UFRF Professorship, and selecting CRIF and Travel Grant winners.
Student Recruitment, Admissions, and Petitions Committee (Linderholm): Have not met. Will meet 1/30. Developing a proposal to dean for support in recruiting doc students. Hazel recommended support for doc seminars so that there can be a hearty curriculum for doc students—for example, must have 7 students in a seminar in order for it to be held?
Technology Committee (Webb): No report.

Action Items


Report from the Faculty Senate

Senators will send out minutes from the December and January meetings: Kristen Kemple will send out minutes from the 12/15/05 meeting, and Phil Clark will send out minutes from the 1/19/06 meeting.

Discussion Items

1. How is the information from FPC meetings communicated to faculty in each department:
FPC report is on agenda of each department meeting. Idea: Hazel will send monthly public emails of key items. These will include completed projects and requests for feedback. Add this to end of FPC Agenda so that we conclude each meeting with decision about what to send to the faculty.
2. Committee Membership:
FPC questions: need rep from every department on every committee? Need 2-year terms to have experience and continuity on each committee? Speak to colleagues about both matters. Also, need to talk up the FPC within our departments so that our colleagues understand what we do (moving beyond procedural issues and to interesting substantive issues such as T and P, support for research).
Which FPC committees need rep from every department: check with faculty before 2/6. For example, does Technology Committee need a rep from each? Tracy raised question about Student Recruitment committee. Is it necessary or do grad coordinators already work on the recruitment issue? She will check with Thomasenia Adams.

Adjourned at 3:55 PM

Moved by Cyndy Griffin and seconded by Ellen Amatea.


5 December, 2005 FPC Meeting Minutes


Faculty Policy Council Minutes
December 5, 2005

Members Present: Ellen Amatea, Elizabeth Bondy, Mary Brownell, Mary Ann Clark,
Ester de Jong, Kathy Gratto, Cyndy Griffin, Dave Honeyman,
Hazel Jones, Tracy Linderholm, Rod Webb

Members Absent:

Others Present: Trace Choulat, Catherine Emihovich
Meeting called to order at 2:02 pm.

Agenda and Minutes

1. Approval of the agenda for December 5, 2005

Webb moved to approve the agenda. Honeyman seconded the motion. The FPC
unanimously approved the agenda.

2. Approval of the minutes from the November 7, 2005 meeting

Griffin moved to approve the minutes. Brownell seconded the motion. The FPC
unanimously approved the minutes.


1. Upcoming Meetings

a. Agenda Committee meeting scheduled for Dec. 19, 2005.
b. Next FPC meeting Jan. 9, 2006, 2:00 – 4:00 pm.

Dean’s Report

1. Jody Mount is the new COE events coordinator

2. 3 Fien speakers for spring

a. Robert Jimenez – January
b. Gloria Ladson-Billings – February 16-17
c. Luis Moll – March 5-7

3. Tuesday, January 24th event – David Brooks (NY Times columnist)

a. See his book Bobos in Paradise
b. Panel reaction: people involved in our outreach projects

4. Centennial Conference Committee

a. Planning committee: Eileen Oliver (chair), Dorene Ross, Phil Clark,
Rod Webb, Sylvia Echevarria-Doan, Mary Kay Dykes, Pam Pallas,
someone from PK Yonge, an undergraduate and a graduate student
b. Late November/early December, 2006
c. Committee will determine purposes of the conference

5. 5 Year Reviews for UF administrators

a. Dean Emihovich’s is scheduled for 2007
b. Our Long Range Planning Committee will determine how to proceed
with in-house evaluation for deans.

IT Director’s Report

1. Trace Choulat distributed report on his activities
2. Additional Points

a. Faculty and staff need to be educated about where their emails and
attachments are stored so they understand why and how to delete them.
b. Individual faculty must back up their own files.

Committee Reports

1. Technology Committee (Webb)

a. Is determining areas of policy to pursue. Example: policy for student
computer use

2. College Curriculum Committee (Bondy)

a. Four doctoral seminars approved, 3 in STL and 1 in Special Ed

3. Faculty and Budgetary Affairs Committee (de Jong)

a. Has been working on load issues. The challenge is to build in flexibility
yet also teeth. Focus to this point has been the teaching domain. Ad hoc
committee focusing on guidelines for non-tenure track faculty.

4. Lectures, Seminars, & Awards Committee (Amatea)

a. Nominations for Dissertation Advisor/Mentor Award
b. COE Graduate Faculty Teaching Award

5. Long Range Planning Committee (Griffin)

a. Gathering information on Dean’s 5-year review, UF Climate survey,
Dean’s Annual Report. Griffin and Lane will synthesize and report to
committee at January 26th meeting.

6. Research Advisory Committee (Clark)

a. No business

7. Student Recruitment, Admissions, & Petitions Committee (Linderholm)

a. Focusing on graduate recruitment. Seeking information on recruitment
from peer institutions.
b. Developing a proposal for COE-wide recruitment funding needs.

Action Items

1. Graduate Faculty Teaching Award

a. Several minor edits made
b. Motion by de Jong to approve as amended. Seconded by Brownell.
Motion unanimously approved by the FPC.

Report from Faculty Senate

1. Email coming from Stephen Smith

Discussion Items

1. Senior Faculty Leadership

a. Discussed steps to take to gain insight into committee work.
b. How many committees do we have? Do we need them all? Could some
be subsumed under FPC committees?
c. COE Constitution calls for a member from each department to serve.
Originally, it required three members. Ask colleagues from our
departments if they think we need all departments represented on every
d. Each department will come up with a list of standing and annual
committees and the faculty members on each. Hazel will email the chairs
for this information.
e. Dean will provide list of COE committees.
f. Cyndy will provide list of University committees.
g. These steps will occur by the February 6th meeting.

Amatea moved to adjourn. Brownell seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned at 3:58


7 November, 2005 FPC Meeting Minutes

Faculty Policy Council Minutes
November 7, 2005

Members Present: Ellen Amatea, Elizabeth Bondy, Mary Ann Clark, Ester de Jong, Cyndy Griffin, Dave Honeyman, Hazel Jones, Tracy Linderholm, Rod Webb

Members Absent: Mary Brownell, Holly Lane, Kathy Gratto

Others Present: Jeri Benson

Meeting called to order at 2:03 pm.

Agenda and Minutes

1. Approval of the agenda for November 7, 2005
Griffin moved to approve the agenda. Amatea seconded the motion. The FPC unanimously approved the agenda.
2. Approval of the minutes from the October 12, 2005 meeting
Correction made to Chair of Technology Committee: Dawn-Elise Snipes, chair (not Trace Choulat). The FPC unanimously approved the minutes as corrected.


1. Upcoming Meetings
Agenda Committee meetings are scheduled for Nov. 21, 2005 and Dec. 19, 2005. FPC meeting on November 21, 2005 is cancelled.

Dean’s Report (Jeri Benson)

1. Speakers at College of Education

a. Robert Jimenez – January
b. Gloria Ladson-Billings – February
c. Luis Moll – March

2. Academic Learning Compact
Purpose: To evaluate quality of undergraduate programs (elementary education, special education / early childhood education)
Plan: To use Educator Assessment System and other means to measure quality of the two undergraduate programs

3. US News and World Report Data

4. Annual NCATE Report

5. Tenure and Promotion files being reviewed

6. Review of all EAS tasks in the system for clarity
How clearly are the tasks written and are they tied to the indicators? Are achievement levels well defined?

7. Working on the 17 separate budgets in COE

Committee Reports

1. CCC
Held a September meeting and sent two proposals to UCC
October meeting cancelled due to lack of business; will meet Nov. 21

2. Faculty and Budget Affairs
Created ad hoc committee to consider guidelines for promotion of lecturers and scholars to be presented at end of this academic year
Faculty load issues – what is meant by “instruction”? “service”? “scholarship”? Will develop definitions and present to FPC.

3. Lectures, Seminars, & Awards
Dissertation Advising and Mentoring award process in place
Graduate Professor Teaching Award – proposal coming to 12/5/05 FPC meeting.

4. Long-Range Planning
Working with Catherine on deans’ evaluation survey. Catherine will provide feedback on individual items. Linda Haagedorn will report on systems she has used to evaluate administrators. College of Dentistry uses an on-line survey that will be reviewed. Looking at state statute related to provost’s evaluation of deans
to see what the focus is. Also, the committee will review COE climate data from UF Climate survey.
How to improve collaboration with PK Yonge – will have Fran meet with the committee.
Will meet on 12/1/05.

5. Research Advisory Committee
No report – working with the OER on retreats and action plans

6. Student Recruitment
Recruitment of graduate students – have developed list of resources each department wants to improve its recruitment. Jeri recommended using department Foundations accounts. Also, she recommended sending tech-related requests (i.e., improving department websites) to Trace Choulat The FPC addressed a concern about COE support for graduate student recruitment. The student recruitment committee will develop a proposal along these lines. . Will invite Trace to 12/5/05 FPC meeting.
The committee is also examining what other programs do regarding recruiting.
Getting feedback about strengths and weaknesses of the COE website from current graduate students.

7. Technology
Dawn-Elise Snipes, chair
Reviewed what was done last year
Had Trace review COE’s challenges. A main issue has been the piecemeal manner of the technology development in the COE.

Discussion Items

1. COE Tenure and Promotion Guidelines
Need to be sure our guidelines are aligned with those of UF and define the values of our college. The current COE T&P committee will provide recommendations to Jeri regarding meaning of key concepts such as “distinction” in the area of research. The recommendations from the T&P committee will then go to Faculty and Budgetary Affairs Committee.

Report from Faculty Senate

Should go to COE and PKY faculty. Cyndy will send this reminder to all COE faculty senators.
Honeyman makes motion to adjourn. Clark seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned at 3:15 pm.