IES Invites Public Comment on Two Research Goals

The Institute of Education Sciences (IES) is seeking input on its education and special education research programs, specifically around two of its five research goals—Efficacy and Replication (Goal 3) and Effectiveness (Goal 4).

IES is requesting feedback on whether these goals, as currently configured, are meeting the needs of the field, or whether changes should be considered to incentivize and support more replication and effectiveness studies.

Those wishing to respond may send comments by email to by Monday, October 2, 2017.

This request comes after IES convened a group of experts to discuss what should follow an efficacy study. This Technical Working Group (TWG) met last fall and made suggestions on actions IES could take to increase the visibility and support of replication studies.

The TWG also discussed strategies to further understanding of program implementation, underlying causal mechanisms, and variability in impacts. Some of the findings and suggestions were shared in a blog post earlier this year and in a summary of the working group’s discussion on the IES website (PDF).

More information regarding the request for feedback can be found by reading the Invitation for Public Comment issued by the National Center for Education Research and National Center for Special Education Research.