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Research Spotlight: Kathrin Maki

Q & A with Kathrin Maki, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in the School of Special Education, School Psychology, and Early Childhood Studies What basic questions does your research seek to answer? My work focuses on the identification of learning needs and development of academic skills for children with learning difficulties and disabilities. Specifically, my work centers […]

OER Hosts Panel Presentation: Research Opportunity Seed Fund

The UF Office of Research has announced the 2022 Research Opportunity Seed Fund (ROSF) competition. The program focuses on new projects and/or new collaborative partnerships. Visit https://research.ufl.edu/wp-content/uploads/2022-ROSF-Call-for-Proposal.pdf  to review the 2022 guidelines and review criteria. To participate in the college’s internal review and selection of proposals to move forward, submit your two-page concept paper (in a single-file […]

From the IES Director: “Better is Good”

The National Academies of Sciences Engineering and Medicine (NASEM panel) formed to discuss the future of education research at the Institute of Education Sciences (IES). The panel discussions are nearing completion and recommendations are forthcoming. IES Director Mark Schneider commented in his blog about important issues the panel has reviewed. He is also interested in […]

OER Annual Report of Accomplishments for Fiscal Year 2020

The Office of Educational Research (OER) completed its annual report outlining data on externally funded projects and grant activities in the College of Education (COE). Faculty productivity and efforts toward securing external funding remain high and have surpassed fiscal year (FY) 2019 in (a) dollar amount of proposal submissions, (b) number of proposal submissions, (c) […]

Submitted Projects for September 2021

Best wishes to Anthony Botelho for his proposal to the U.S. Department of Education/IES; Catherine Cavanaugh for her subcontract DHHS Flow Through proposal to the Florida Office of Early Learning; Frank Fernandez for his two proposals, one for a subcontract NSF Flow Through with Texas Tech University and one to the American College Personnel Association; Holly Lane, Kristi Cheyney-Collante, […]


Research Spotlight: Frank Fernandez

Q & A with Frank Fernandez, Ph. D., Assistant Professor in the School of Human Development and Organizational Studies in Education What basic questions does your research seek to answer? What roles does higher education fulfill in society?  How does higher education work as a social institution?  In what ways do diverse groups have different experiences […]


Research Spotlight: Rob Moore

Q & A with Rob Moore, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in the School of Teaching and Learning What basic questions does your research seek to answer? My research broadly attempts to answer, “What is happening in digital ecologies?” By digital ecologies, I mean any learning environment that is integrating technology. This would include a face-to-face classroom that […]

From the IES Director: Update on the IES Use of ARP Funds

The Institute of Education Sciences (IES) received $100 million through the American Rescue Plan (ARP) to respond to the overwhelming learning challenges posed by COVID-19. In a recent blog, IES Director Mark Schneider provides an update on how IES is using those funds to invest in research grants, gather data through the School Pulse, and […]

IES Will Partner with NSF on Two AI Institutes

In the coming weeks, the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) will announce its plans to partner with the National Science Foundation (NSF) on two Artificial Intelligence (AI) Institutes. Recently, NSF has announced more of these institutes. IES will be announcing a special education and an accelerated learning institute. These two AI institutes will be jointly funded […]

AI Advances and Applications Virtual Seminar Series: UF AI Research Catalyst Fund Awardees

The UF Informatics Institute is hosting a virtual seminar series presented by the AI Research Catalyst Fund 2020 Awardees. The seminars began on September 1. Registration is required for each seminar. Please visit https://informatics.research.ufl.edu/ufiievents/ to register. Wednesdays, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm via Zoom Upcoming seminars in September include the following: Sept. 15, 2021: Parker Kotlarz [PI Juan Claudio Nino], “AI-Enabled […]

UFIT Offers Fall 2021 HiPerGator Symposium

UFIT has announced that Jiang Bian will be the keynote speaker at the Fall 2021 HiPerGator Symposium. Dr. Bian, associate professor and director of Cancer Informatics and UF’s e-Health core, will speak about the collaboration with NVIDIA researchers to create GatorTron™. This is a virtual event via Zoom. Calls for presenters and general event registration […]