UFIT Offers Fall 2021 HiPerGator Symposium

UFIT has announced that Jiang Bian will be the keynote speaker at the Fall 2021 HiPerGator Symposium. Dr. Bian, associate professor and director of Cancer Informatics and UF’s e-Health core, will speak about the collaboration with NVIDIA researchers to create GatorTron™. This is a virtual event via Zoom. Calls for presenters and general event registration is now open.

  • Thursday, October 21, 2021
    9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Begun in 2018, the format of the HiPerGator Symposium has become so popular that two symposia are now scheduled each year. Each symposium features a series of lightning talks from postdoctoral fellows and students who discuss their research using HiPerGator and HiPerGator AI. Their talks immediately follow the keynote presentation, with the poster sessions completing the symposium. The event has proven to be an excellent way to share research and discuss potential future collaborations with fellow attendees.

Anyone with questions about the Fall 2021 HiPerGator Symposium may email Training and Biocomputing Specialist Matt Gitzendanner or AI Applications Specialist Ying Zhang.