UF IRB: Update to Human Subject Payment Program SSN Collection Policy for Compensating Subjects

Prior to August 2021, UF Human Subject Payments (HSP) required investigators to collect social security numbers (SSNs) when compensating participants more than $75 for being in a study. On August 25, 2021, HSP revised this limit upwards to $200.

If your study is impacted by this, please submit a revision updating your informed consent form(s) and the Information Sources and Identifiers Smart Form (Q3.0). Please be sure to describe any processes for destroying SSNs already collected. If the only revision to your informed consent form(s) is changing the compensation language to reflect the new $200 limit, you do not have to reconsent your participants.

For more information, please see the revised Investigator Guideline on Paying Subjects to Participate in Research. Please also see our Guidance on the Change in UF HSP SSN Threshold Increase, and reach out to UF IRB if you have any questions.