Research Promotion Initiative

The University of Florida’s Research Promotion Initiative is a competitive award designed to help connect UF’s research to a broad audience. To enter your research for consideration, please submit your peer reviewed journal articles, books, literary essays, or scholarly monographs to UF’s Office of Strategic Communications and Marketing by using this link. UF will award $1,000 to authors of selected works for promotion that can be used on research related activities. If you have any questions, please contact UF public relations specialist, Blake Trauschke at btrauschke@ufl.edu.


The Florida Research Data Center is now open!

The Florida Research Data Center (FLRDC), located on UF’s East Campus, fosters a secure environment where researchers can analyze data collected the by the U.S Census Bureau, and federal statistic agencies. Researchers from universities, government agencies, and private institutions will all be able to access information provided through the FLRDC. In order to access this information, researchers are asked to draft a proposal to be submitted to their desired federal agency. Researchers are strongly encouraged to consult with a FLRDC administrator about the content of their research proposal. For more information, please visit the website link FLRDC or the PowerPoint link FLRDC_PPT.


Research.gov and Grants.gov October 20th Deadlines

Friday, October 20, 2023, is the last day to upload the NSF fillable PDF format for the biographical sketch and current and pending support.

For information on the about NSF proposal submissions via Grants.gov please visit the gov Proposal Processing in Research.gov informational page.


NCES Releases Equity in Education Dashboard

The Equity in Education Dashboard website compiles findings and trends on educational equity in the United States. The dashboard was created in response to the White House Executive Order on Advancing Racal Equity and Support for Underserved Communities through the Federal Government. The purpose of this dashboard is to serve as a central location for information on equity in education in the United States, and assemble resources around equity dimensions, publications, and reference tables. The seven domains within the dashboard include:

  • Kindergarten readiness
  • K-12 learning and engagement
  • Educational attainment
  • The extent of racial, ethnic, and economic segregation.
  • Equitable access to high-quality early learning programs.
  • Equitable access to high-quality curricula and instruction.
  • Equitable access to supportive school and classroom environments.

Please visit view the Equity in Education Dashboard for more information.


AERA Call for Nominations for the 2024 AERA Awards

The American Educational Research Association (AERA) is seeking nominations for the 2024 AERA awards honoring excellence in education research. The submission deadline is Thursday, October 12, 2023, at 11:59pm Pacific Time. Please click here to read the call for nominations. A listing of past awardees can be accessed on the AERA website at About AERA Awards. For information about an individual AERA award or to submit a nomination for a specific award, please click the name of the award below. The 2024 award recipients will be honored at an awards ceremony and celebration at the 2024 AERA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, PA April 11-24, 2024.


Dear Colleague Letter: Advice to the Community About Submitting Proposals to the GRANTED Program Description Funding Opportunity PD 23-221Y.

GRANTED supports ambitious ideas and innovative strategies to address challenges and inequalities within the research enterprise. The research enterprise is broadly defined and includes administrative support and service infrastructure such as, but not limited to, human capital, research development and administration, research analytics, technology transfer and corporate relations/public-private partnerships, research integrity, research policy, administration of student research training, and research leadership. NSF will support the project for 3-5 years. There is no deadline for proposal submissions. 


IES Announces Research Grant Competitions in Research Training Programs and Education Research Statistics.

The National Center for Education Research at IES has released two funding announcements for Fiscal Year 2024 (FY 2024). All application packets are now available on Grants.gov. LOI are due October 26, 2023, for 84.305B and 84.305D. The applications deadline for 84.305B and 84.305D is January 11, 2024.

The Research Training Programs (84.305B) in the Education Sciences programs seek to fund new approaches to train and mentor students and researchers from diverse backgrounds to encourage their entry into and success in education research careers.

The three training programs for the 2024 FY are:

  • Early Career Development and Mentoring Programs for Education Research
  • Early Career Development and Mentoring Program for Faculty and Minority-Serving Institutions.
  • Methods Training for Education Researchers.

The Statistical and Research Methodology (84.305D) in Education program supports a wide range of methodological and statistical tools that will better enable applied education scientist to conduct rigorous education research. IES invites applications to develop new methodological approaches to extend and improve existing methods and create other tools that can enhance the ability of researchers to produce high quality research.

In FY 2014, IES invites applications under two topics:

  • The Core Grants topic supports the development of new and improved statistical and research methods and their dissemination to education researchers.
  • The Toolkits, Guidelines, Compendia, and Review Paper Grants topic supports the compilation of existing research and information on a given method into products that help education researcher understand and apply the method, such as toolkits, guidelines, compendia, and review papers.

For more information regarding important dates and deadlines for FY 2024 competitions please visit the website.

The 74’s Kevin Mahnken recently interviewed the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) Director, Mark Schneider, regarding Schneider’s vision for a new role for federal research endeavors. Schneider aims for IES to lead advancements in technologies and treatments that can positively impact student performance. Further discussion topics include education-related legislation, the importance of access and the need to improve national databases, and building a research foundation that can yield revolutionary educational tools on the level of COVID vaccines and ChatGPT. The interview can be read in full here.