IES Summer Proposal Submissions

Faculty in the COE are submitting 12 proposals to the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) this month. To accommodate all submissions, the OER has requested that PIs schedule an appointment time with Brian Lane to ensure each proposal is finalized and uploaded successfully before the deadline. If you have not already done so, please contact Brian Lane to confirm a date.

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IES Posts Additional FY 2020 Research Funding Webinars

The Institute of Education Sciences (IES) has posted a series of on-demand webinars for those interested in Fiscal Year 2020 funding opportunities and learning more about IES. These pre-recorded webinars are hosted by the National Center for Education Research and the National Center for Special Education Research. You can access them on the IES Webinar Series website.

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Office of Research Guidance on Foreign Activity Disclosure Requirements

DATE: August 5, 2019

To:  All UF Faculty

From: David P. Norton, Vice President for Research

Subject: Office of Research Guidance on Foreign Activity Disclosure Requirements

The University of Florida is deeply committed to and strongly encourages international research, collaboration, and scholarship.  Our UF faculty, staff, and graduate students come from all parts of the globe, interact with researchers and scholars located in over 100 countries, and are key to the success of our institution in its multifaceted mission.

As you know, UF faculty must fully disclose any outside activities with, or support received from, foreign entities, including universities. Regulations in this area are evolving, and there is a heightened expectation for disclosure. U.S. federal agencies that support university research have repeatedly expressed concerns to the university community over undisclosed agreements between individual agency-supported investigators and foreign institutions.   Many of the potential difficulties center around agreements that individual faculty execute with foreign entities, the terms and conditions of which may put the individual in conflict with their obligations to UF as faculty members, and to the U.S. federal agencies that fund their research.

Our goal is to make this process as easy and efficient as possible. In an effort to assist UF faculty in meeting these requirements, the Office of Research has created a website ( ) that guides faculty through the requirements.  The website will be updated as additional information is provided by the federal agencies.

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Reminders of NIH Policies on Other Support and on Policies Related to Financial Conflicts of Interest and Foreign Components

The intent of this notice is to remind the extramural community about the need to report foreign activities through documentation of other support, foreign components, and financial conflict of interest to prevent scientific, budgetary, or commitment overlap. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has long required full transparency for all research activities both domestic and foreign and does not consider these clarifications to be changes in policy.

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NSF Issues Dear Colleague Letter on Research Protection

The director of the National Science Foundation (NSF) has issued a Dear Colleague Letter discussing the issues of research protection. Research is put at risk when another government endeavors to benefit from the global research ecosystem without upholding the values of openness, transparency, and reciprocal collaboration. The letter describes the initiatives under way to mitigate risk. NSF requests feedback to assist in ongoing development of solutions aimed at protecting research while continuing international collaborations.

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NIH Initiates Requirement for ORCID Identifier

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has announced that individuals supported by research training, fellowship, research education, and career development awards will be required to have ORCID IDs (Open Researcher and Contributor Identifiers) beginning in FY 2020.

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Awarded Projects for July 2019

Congratulations to Ester de Jong and Maria Coady for their award from the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Education.

For more details, see the Awarded Projects table.

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Submitted Projects for July 2019

Best wishes to Frank “Chris” Curran, for his proposal to the National Academy of Education; Nicholas Gage, Ashley MacSuga-Gage, and Joni Splett for their proposal to the U.S. Department of Education/OSERS; Nicholas Gage and Christopher Redding for their proposal to the U.S. Department of Education/OSERS; Walter Leite, Paige Pullen, and Mary Rodgers for their proposal to the Spencer Foundation; Anne Corinne Manley for her subcontract proposal Spencer Foundation Flow Through from the University of Helsinki; Erica McCray and Hannah Mathews for their proposal to the U.S. Department of Education/OSERS; David Arnold, David Miller, Alina Glenn, Eric McLamore, Diane Rowland, and Ian Small for their subcontract proposal NSF Flow Through from Pennsylvania State University; Philip Poekert and Paige Pullen for their proposal to the Florida Department of Education; Patricia Snyder and Darbianne Shannon for their subcontract proposal U.S. Department of Education Flow Through from the University of Miami; and Joni Splett for her subcontract proposal IES Flow Through from the University of South Carolina.

For more details, see the Submitted Projects table.

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