NSF Announces New Effective Date for the Revised Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide

Due to the recent lapse in appropriations, implementation of the revised National Science Foundation (NSF) Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide (PAPPG), (NSF 19-1) was postponed. NSF is pleased to announce that the revised PAPPG will now be effective for proposals submitted, or due, on or after February 25, 2019. Significant changes include the following:

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Common Instructions for Applicants to U.S. Department of Education Discretionary Grant Programs

In an effort to reduce barriers for applicants seeking U.S. Department of Education (US ED) discretionary grant competition funds, the US ED has revised its common set of instructions for applying to US ED discretionary grant programs. All future individual notices inviting applications (NIAs) will reference the common instructions in order to provide a centralized source of updated information.

See the Notice by the U.S. Department of Education dated 2/13/2019 on the Federal Register website for more information. These instructions supersede the version published on 2/12/2018.

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UF Division of Research Compliance and Global Support: New Structure and Functions

The Division of Research Compliance and Global Support (DRCGS) promotes compliance with established rules and regulations while facilitating research at UF. Faculty are encouraged to contact the DRCGS for assistance in areas such as export control rules and how they impact UF research, complex international research activities, and research integrity issues.

For more information about the DRCGS, please visit the website at http://research.ufl.edu/compliance.html or contact the main office at 352-392-9174.

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New Online Tool Helps You Safely Work With UF Data

The UF Data Guide, now available on the Integrated Risk Management (IRM) Fast Path Solutions website, was created to help you make informed decisions about how and where to safely store, analyze, and share data.

What are the benefits of using this tool? The UF Data Guide is

  • a quick, seamless way to understand what type of data you are working with. If you work with data governed by federal law, state regulations, or contractual obligations, then this tool will help you determine your data type.
  • an easy-to-use tool that specifies which software options or computing environments can be used with various types of data at UF.

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Does ERIC Make Changes to Existing Records?

ERIC recently released a new video that addresses its working policy for making changes to records, and the kinds of changes ERIC will and will not make. The video also discusses the process used when ERIC receives a request for changes. View the video to find out more about the types of changes ERIC prioritizes and how the process used maintains the consistency of the records in the ERIC database.

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Awarded Projects for February 2019

Congratulations to Herman Knopf for his subcontract award DHHS Flow Through from the University of South Carolina.

For more details, see the Awarded Projects table.

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Submitted Projects for February 2019

Best wishes to Lynda Hayes for her proposal to the Florida Department of Education; Dennis Kramer for his subcontract proposal IES Flow Through from Mississippi State University; and Melissa Ralston and Sarah Lynne for their proposal to the National Institutes of Health.

For more details, see the Submitted Projects table.

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