UF Division of Research Compliance and Global Support: New Structure and Functions

The Division of Research Compliance and Global Support (DRCGS) promotes compliance with established rules and regulations while facilitating research at UF. Faculty are encouraged to contact the DRCGS for assistance in areas such as export control rules and how they impact UF research, complex international research activities, and research integrity issues.

For more information about the DRCGS, please visit the website at http://research.ufl.edu/compliance.html or contact the main office at 352-392-9174.

The DRCGS is responsible for the following primary areas, among other services:

  1. Administering the Export Control program
  2. Providing support and guidance for complex international research activities
  3. Managing the Scientific Integrity program and administering the Research Misconduct process

For help in any of these areas, please contact a DRCGS staff member:

Terra DuBois, director at tdubois@ufl.edu

Marsha Pesch, assistant director of Export Controls at mpesch@ufl.edu

Cassandra Farley, assistant director of Global Support at cfarley@ufl.edu