UF COE Announces 2021-2022 CRIF Award

The UF College of Education has announced its 2021-2022 College Research Incentive Fund (CRIF) opportunity. This opportunity is solely provided by indirect costs (IDC) return from grants acquired by the college’s principal investigators. The primary purpose of the CRIF is to provide seed funding that will lead to a strong proposal for external funding.

Submit application electronically in a single-file PDF to research@coe.ufl.edu by 5pm on April 19, 2021.


The College of Education (COE) College Research Incentive Fund (CRIF) award was created (using returned indirect cost returns from projects) to support faculty efforts to develop programmatic research that contributes to the college’s mission. The primary purpose of the CRIF is to provide seed funding that will lead to a strong proposal for external funding. One CRIF award (up to $25,000) is offered to supplement other sources of support for research.


Priority will be given to projects that clearly support the pursuit of external funding. Preference will also be given to proposals that include one or more of the following: (a) interdisciplinary collaboration, (b) specific and viable plans for obtaining external funding, (c) junior and senior faculty collaboration, (d) attention to socially significant issues with implications for education. Special attention will be given to proposals that address issues of race and racism in black and brown communities.


All tenured and tenure-track faculty who are not, at the time of the CRIF submission, serving as principal investigator (PI) or Co-PI of a federally-funded project are eligible to apply. Each eligible faculty may be an applicant on only one CRIF application.

Proposal Content and Format

Following the cover page (see attachment 1), the proposal narrative should be presented in no more than four single-spaced, typewritten pages (excluding References, Budget Narrative, report of previous CRIF funding). No other materials or appendices should be included.

  1. Goals: Applicants should present concise, specific long- and short-term goals, rationale, and a brief summary of relevant literature. In identifying long-term goals, applicants should describe the program of research they have conducted leading up to the CRIF submission and how the proposed project builds upon previous scholarship.
  2. Pursuit of External Funding: Applicants must clearly state how the project will enhance their capacity to generate external funding.
  3. Significance: Applicants should discuss the scholarly and/or scientific merit of the project and indicate how the project’s specific objectives will help them reach their long-term goals, including the goal of garnering external funding. Depending on the context of the work, various areas could be addressed (e.g., necessity for the project, contributions to their field of scholarship, departure from previous directions, attention to issues of race and racism).
  4. Plan: In the plan for implementation, applicants should:
    1. Briefly describe the methods and procedures. When relevant, discuss the logic of the research design, data collection methods, analysis, and dissemination of the results.
    2. Delineate the timeline and availability of subjects, equipment, and/or facilities as appropriate.
    3. Identify the external funding agen(cies) and specific program(s) through which future funding may be sought.
  5. Deliverable Products:
    1. The completed CRIF proposal should specify at least one deliverable product that will be provided by the end of the funding period. Examples of such products could include (but are not limited to):

i. Proposal prepared for submission to a specific external funding agency.

ii. Final report of a pilot test of research methodology (e.g., an instrument and manual with results of preliminary validation).

iii. Instructional materials/technology/software developed and tested during the course of the project with results and a plan for its use in future research.

iv. Manuscript submitted for publication that disseminates results of project.

b. At the end of the performance period, recipients will provide a one-page report of all CRIF expenditures.

  1. Budget*: Include a budget and budget narrative.
  2. Previous CRIF Funding: If applicable, provide a report of previous CRIF funding (project title, funded amount, funding period) and document the outcome(s) (e.g., funded grants, published manuscripts, etc.) specific to the previous CRIF funding.

*Budget Period and Restrictions

  1. CRIF project periods will normally be for 12 months or fewer.
  2. Applications for CRIF should clearly support faculty scholarly development and may not be used to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors.
  3. The review committee reserves the right to request additional clarifications or revisions to a PI’s budget prior to recommending the proposal for funding.
  4. Applicants not agreeable to the approved funding may elect to withdraw their application and participate in a subsequent cycle.
  5. Any intent for cost sharing or in-kind contribution must be negotiated with and confirmed by the applicant’s School Director in a separate process.
  6. In the cases of intercollege collaboration on a proposed project, only COE faculty will be eligible to use CRIF funds for summer salary and/or course release.

Submit application electronically in a single-file PDF to research@coe.ufl.edu

by 5pm on April 19, 2021.

Review Process
The COE Research Advisory Committee shall review applications and make recommendations to the Dean, who shall select the CRIF recipient.


Attachment 1
College Research Incentive Fund
Cover Page


Principal Investigator (PI):                                                                                                     

Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI):                                                                                         

PI UFID Number:                                                                                                                   

PI Campus Address:                                                                                                              


Telephone (office):                                                                                                                 

Project Title:                                                                                                                           





PI Signature                                 (date)



Co-PI Signature                           (date)



School Director                            (date)



School Director                            (date)


If more PIs and/or School Directors/Department Chairs are signing, please include on an additional sheet.


Do Not Complete – For CRIF Committee Use Only