UF Research Provides UF-Preferred Template Agreements

UF Research provides template agreements with UF-preferred language ready to send to any potential partner. Using a UF-preferred template and language cuts negotiation time as these templates use predetermined favorable terms on behalf of the Principal Investigator and the university (e.g., publication rights, intellectual property rights, rights in data, payment terms, etc.).

Other templates available include non-disclosure agreements, teaming agreements, master agreements and more. UFIRST also has an option where you can indicate you need a UF template when you start an agreement. There is no need to attach a template or create your own document. To access these templates, visit the Forms & Templates page on the UF Research website.

The Standard Research Agreement template was recently updated and is the best way to reduce negotiation time and get on the fast track to working on your sponsored project. External sponsors who opt to sign an unmodified copy of UF’s template will experience significantly expedited processing times, as UF will be able to process the agreement for signature and return a fully executed agreement without delay.

The Contracts team is always available to answer any questions and can be reached at dspcontracts@research.ufl.edu