UFIT Hosts Spring 2021 HiPerGator Symposium

UFIT is hosting its second virtual HiPerGator Symposium of this academic year on Tuesday, March 30, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Spring 2021 HiPerGator Symposium will feature presentations from UF’s Artificial Intelligence Research Catalyst Fund awardees, who are pursuing multidisciplinary research lines of inquiry using AI.

The event will begin with an introduction to UFIT’s AI staff and the services they provide, including upcoming trainings and computational support. The Catalyst Fund winners will then present their research ideas and discuss how they plan to use HiPerGator AI.

Visit the Spring 2021 HiPerGator Symposium event page for more information and to register. The HiPerGator Symposium is free and open to everyone, including state and national constituents. (Pre-registration is required to attend.)

Presenters will hold short 10-minute talks, and also participate on a panel at the end of the symposium. Awardees cover many disciplines and represent 10 colleges and administrative areas of UF. Their research ranges from new ways to identify pests in agricultural soil that can ruin a crop to ensuring that AI tools used to identify at-risk students do not unfairly reinforce gender, race and other inequalities.