UF Research Launches New Research Lifecycle Website

UF Research has launched a new Research Lifecycle web environment designed to help all users — principal investigators, research administrators, study coordinators, and other staff — easily navigate to the information they need most at any stage of a project. The web environment is designed around a continuous research lifecycle that begins with finding funding and ends with closing out an award, then begins anew. Underlying all stages of the lifecycle is a commitment to research integrity and compliance.

The Research Lifecycle grew out of a Research Administration Portal that has been hosted by UF’s Clinical and Translational Science Institute for the last few years. Most elements of the RA Portal have been incorporated into the campus-wide Research Lifecycle pages, so the RA Portal will be retired.

Although most existing bookmarks will redirect to the equivalent pages in the Research Lifecycle environment, users are encouraged to create new bookmarks as they become familiar with the new navigation.

Questions about the page can be directed to suggestions@research.ufl.edu.