NSF National AI Research Institutes

The National Science Foundation has announced a limited grant opportunity to establish National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Institutes. The University of Florida will only be able to submit two preliminary proposals. There are six themes for this competition:
• Theme 1: Intelligent Agents for Next-Generation Cybersecurity
• Theme 2: Neural and Cognitive Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
• Theme 3: AI for Climate-Smart Agriculture and Forestry
• Theme 4: AI for Decision making
• Theme 5: Trustworthy AI
• Theme 6: AI-Augmented Learning to Expand Education

Internal registration is due on or before Friday, October 15, 2021. The UF Office of Research is requesting that teams who are interested notify them by email to assist with the review process for the internal selection. Please register your intent to submit a concept for the internal selection. By email: Sobha Jaishankar (sjaishan@ufl.edu), cc Lloyd Horne (limitedprograms@research.ufl.edu).

Please provide the following information in your email:
1. Do you want to lead a UF submission? – yes/no. What is the thematic area?
2. Do you want to participate in a UF submission? – yes/no.
3. If you wish to participate in a UF led proposal, who would the PI be?
4. Do you want to participate in a proposal lead by another institution? – yes/no. Indicate the lead institution.
5. Your contact information – email, department, college, and area of expertise.