IES Director’s Remarks on Using Large Dataset Libraries

The Director of the Institute of Educational Sciences (IES), Mark Schneider, remarks on the endeavor of identifying, creating, and supporting large datasets to facilitate research at scale. Public respondents both called for an increase in the number of available datasets as well as better coordination around data governance and data use agreements. More information on these responses can be accessed here. IES is leading the way in modernizing the State Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS) and compiling a data library of student essays for the use of AI-based research and development efforts to improve student writing. In the upcoming years, the ability to create a SLDS 2.0 with Congressional funds may be feasible. Modernization of the SLDS may include using cloud-based architecture, emphasizing interoperability, aligning coding schema and data definitions across states, making data more widely available within the confines of existing and future state and federal privacy laws, and integrating data from early childhood through labor market outcomes and for other services states identify.