Newly Funded Awards – May 2023

Principal Investigator: Maureen Conroy (AZCEECS/SESPECS)

Co-PI: N/A

Funding Agency: University of Nevada Las Vegas (Subcontract- U.S. Department of Education/IES Flow Through)

Project Title: Developing and Evaluating the Feasibility of a Manualized Tier 3 Problem Behavior Intervention for Young Children with Developmental Delay

Project Period: 12/8/2022-7/31/2024

Award Amount: $7,899

Principal Investigator: Chonika Coleman King (STL)

Co-PI: Taryrn Brown (STL)

Funding Agency: Children’s Trust of Alachua County

Project Title: Akwaaba Freedom School

Project Period: 10/1/2022-9/30/2023

Award Amount: $110,000

Principal Investigator: Mostafa Reisi Gahrooei (Industrial and Systems Engineering)

Co-PI: David Miller (SHDOSE); Ioannis Ampatzidis (Southwest Florida Research & Education Center); Ute Albrecht (Southwest Florida Research & Education Center)

Funding Agency: National Science Foundation

Project Title: CPS: Medium: Connected Federate Farms: Privacy-Preserving Cyber Infrastructure for Collaborative Smart Farming

Project Period: 6/1/2023-5/31/2023

Award Amount: $38,930

Principal Investigator: Paige Pullen (Lastinger Center)

Co-PI: N/A

Funding Agency: Early Learning Coalition of Hillsborough County

Project Title: Hillsborough ELC Coaching

Project Period: 615/2023-3/15/2024

Award Amount: $79,350

Principal Investigator: Patricia Snyder (AZCEECS/SESPECS)

Co-PI: N/A

Funding Agency: Early Napa County (Subcontract – California Department of Education Flow Through)

Project Title: Embedded Instruction California Year 8

Project Period: 7/1/2022-6/30/2023

Award Amount: $223,552