OER Report of Accomplishments

The OER has completed a draft of its annual report outlining data on externally funded projects and grants activities. We are pleased that faculty productivity has been sustained, and efforts toward securing external funding remain active.

The following represents a summary of accomplishments for FY 2012-2013:

•  COE faculty members in all schools and centers have submitted a total of 66 proposals, requesting $66.8 million. Proposal submissions included 18 NSF, 9 US Department of Education (5 for IES contracts), 10 Florida Department of Education, and 2 Spencer proposals.

• Research funding per faculty member totaled $429K, a 40% increase.

•  COE PIs and Co-PIs had 22 proposals funded totaling over $30 million in new awards, including one NSF and one US Department of Education/IES contract, a 17% increase.

•  Finally, COE schools and centers have 67 currently funded projects totaling $77.7 million, a 39% increase.

Congratulations for another banner year!

The final version of OER’s annual report will be available through the OER website soon.