MyinvestiGator Phase II Deployed on January 27

Phase II of myinvestiGator went live on January 27, 2014 introducing several new features to enhance the functionality of the application, along with a new “look and feel.” All of the features and functionality of Phase I remain intact.  Some of the newly added features in Phase II are as follows:

  • New, more responsive interface
  • Expanded search functionality
  • Enhanced payroll and job information to better see who is getting paid on your grants
  • Effort commitment data for increased compliance and monitoring
  • Graphical analysis displaying burn rates and expense trending to more easily track your grant spending

Navigation to myinvestiGator is through myUFL > Main Menu > myinvestiGator, or via direct access at More information about the myinvestiGator features is available in the IT Service Catalog. Help is available in myuflToolkits under the Training header. Staff needing assistance with data in myinvestiGator should contact their research administrator in Contracts and Grants at (352) 392-1235.

The Division of Sponsored Programs, Contracts and Grants, Office of the Chief Financial Officer, and UFIT partnered to build myinvestiGator designed to increase accountability, transparency, and efficiency in UF’s sponsored activities.