USDOE Proposes New Regulations to Strengthen Teacher Preparation

The US Department of Education has announced proposed regulations to help ensure teacher training programs are effectively preparing educators.

Among the new regulations are changes to the eligibility requirements for TEACH Grants. The USDOE currently allocates about $100 million each year in TEACH Grants awarded to aspiring teachers who agree to teach at high-need schools after graduation.

Under the new rules, states would be required to evaluate teacher preparation programs to determine several factors, including how well graduates perform as measured by student learning outcomes. Based on these results, the USDOE would award TEACH Grants only to graduates attending programs deemed effective. Furthermore, states would be required to provide technical assistance to any programs rated as low-performing.

For more information on the proposed regulations, please see the USDOE website Improving Teacher Preparation and the press release U.S. Department of Education Proposes Plan to Strengthen Teacher Preparation.