Submitted Projects for January 2015

College of Education
Submitted Projects
January 2015
Principal Investigator:  Linda Behar-Horenstein (SHDOSE)
Co-PI: Virginia Dodd (Community Dentistry and Behavioral Science)
Funding Agency: UF Office of Research
Proposal Title: Enhancing Social Responsibility and Social Accountability Among Prospective Dentists via Community Engagement
Requested Amount: $99,987
Principal Investigator: Sylvia Boynton (Lastinger Center for Learning)
Co-PI: Philip Poekert (Lastinger Center for Learning)
Funding Agency: Alachua County Schools
Proposal Title: Reaching All Readers: A K-5 Series of Reading Modules, Part 2 – Spring 2015
Requested Amount: $12,000
Principal Investigator: Kara Dawson (STL)
Co-PI: Pavlo “Pasha” Antonenko (STL), Albert Ritzhaupt (STL), Carole Beal (STL), Linda Lombardino (SESPECS), Andreas Keil (Department of Psychology)
Funding Agency: UF Office of Research
Proposal Title: Converging Behavioral and Psychophysical Measures: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Multimedia Learning Conditions with Dyslexic Learners
Requested Amount: $94,458
Principal Investigator: Dennis Kramer (SHDOSE)
Co-PI: Kshitij Khare (Department of Statistics)
Funding Agency: UF Office of Research
Proposal Title: E-Success (Supporting Undergraduate Course and Co-curricular Exploration through Strategic Supports): The Integration of Mobile App Technology and Modern Regression Techniques to Improve Student Retention and Matriculation Within Florida Community Colleges
Requested Amount: $98,130
Principal Investigator: Brian Reichow (AZCEECS/SESPECS)
Co-PI: Patricia Snyder (AZCEECS/SESPECS), Maureen Conroy (AZCEECS/SESPECS)
Funding Agency: National Institutes of Health
Proposal Title: Adaptation and Evaluation of World Health Organization Caregiver Skills Training Program for Caregivers of Children with Developmental Disorders in Turkey
Requested Amount: $333,950