Awarded Projects for May 2015

College of Education
Awarded Projects
May 2015
Principal Investigator: Christy Gabbard (P. K. Yonge)
Co-PI: N/A
Funding Agency: Florida Department of Education
Project Title: RTTT – Professional Development for Digital Learning
Project Period: 4/1/2015 – 6/30/2015
Award Amount: $229,102.55
Principal Investigator: Nicholas A. Gage (SSESPECS)
Co-PI: N/A
Funding Agency: University of Connecticut (Subcontract – CT Dept. of Education Flow-Through)
Project Title: Evaluation of Connecticut K-3 Early Literature Initiative
Project Period: 7/1/2014 – 6/30/2015
Award Amount: $24,999.00
Principal Investigator: Patricia Snyder (AZCEECS/SSESPECS)
Funding Agency: US Department of Education/IES
Project Title: Impact of Professional Development on Preschool Teachers’ Use of Embedded-Instruction Practices: An Efficacy Trial of Tools for Teachers
Project Period: 6/1/2015 – 6/30/2019
Award Amount: $3,498,113.00