Initial UFIRST Proposal Reports Are Now Available

Initial UFIRST Proposal Reports are now available via Enterprise Reporting. The reports are available through the myUFL portal. Anyone with the appropriate security roles has access via Enterprise Reporting>Access Reporting>Sponsored Research Information>UFIRST.

The first report is the “Submitted Proposals Activity Report” providing a listing of each proposal by submitting department or by PI. It is available in two formats, optimized differently for easy printing to a PDF or exporting to Excel.  More standardized reports will be released as they become available later this summer and fall.

Raw UFIRST data is also available in the “UFIRST Data” folder, and you are free to export to Excel and build reports tailored to your local needs. (For ease, view in Excel 2007 format and Save As a new file on your personal computer).

Raw UFIRST data is also available via Query Studio, and you are free to build queries and reports as needed. Access to Query Studio does require training and an additional security role.

A Data Dictionary is also available for assistance in understanding the data elements included in the raw data

Guides for Enterprise Reporting Basics are available as is general information about Enterprise Reporting

If you are having issues accessing the reports, please contact the UF Computing Help Desk (392-HELP). For questions about the data or future UFIRST reporting suggestions, please contact Lisa Stroud in the UF Office of Research.