Redesigned UFIT Training Website Is Live

The newly redesigned UFIT Training website provides a completely reorganized view of technology training at UF, with an extensive catalog of workshops and webinars as well as on-demand tutorials and resources for faculty and staff.

All of UFIT’s training materials and workshop information is now housed in one place, rather than on individual departmental websites. Everything is thoroughly cataloged and easily searchable. Faculty and staff can quickly access resources and browse the ever-expanding workshops and tutorials list.

The new UFIT Training website includes more than 100 UF-developed tutorials and workshops, an e-Learning FAQ section, interactive registration calendar and one-click login for free access to with its 4,300+ training videos.

Registration and information for the free Microsoft IT Academy are also provided on the website.

For more information about any of the services listed, please email or call (352) 273-1594.