NSF Provides Update on Proposal Submission Modernization

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has undertaken a multiyear proposal submission modernization (PSM) effort to modernize and transition grantee electronic capabilities from FastLane to Research.gov. Plans for next year include a pilot launch for a single solicitation in Research.gov.

PSM aims to reduce the administrative burden to the research community and NSF staff associated with preparation, submission, and management of proposals. In FY 2016, NSF has focused on establishing requirements, developing proposal section modernization concepts, and setting up the back-end application infrastructure.

In order to assist grantees, NSF has developed a matrix that lists NSF’s grantee electronic capabilities, and whether they can be found in FastLane, Research.gov, or both. This matrix will be updated as appropriate, independent of the PAPPG revision cycle. To view the matrix, please visit the NSF Electronic Capabilities Modernization Status webpage.