Submitted Projects for November 2016

College of Education
Submitted Projects
November 2016
Principal Investigator: Pasha Antonenko (STL)
Co-PI: N/A
Funding Agency: National Science Foundation
Proposal Title: Collaborative Research: i-Tracker: Enhancing Engineering Design Interpretation Skills in Construction Engineering and Management Education Through Deep Context Immersion
Requested Amount: $61,681
Principal Investigator: Masoud Gheisari (M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management)
Co-PI: Pasha Antonenko (STL), Raja Issa (M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Building Construction), Benjamin Lok (Computer & Information Science & Engineering)
Funding Agency: National Science Foundation
Proposal Title: iVisit: Using Conversational Virtual Humans within Spatiotemporal Contexts of Construction Sites to Improve the Development of Communication Skills of Construction Students
Requested Amount: $20,928
Principal Investigator: Philip Poekert (Lastinger Center for Learning)
Co-PI: N/A
Funding Agency: Lafayette Parish School System
Proposal Title: Lafayette Parish Believe and Prepare
Requested Amount: $16,000
Principal Investigator: Rose Pringle (STL)
Co-PI: N/A
Funding Agency: Georgia State University (Subcontract – NSF Flow Through)
Proposal Title: I AM STEM Innovation, Achievement, and Motivation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
Requested Amount: $167,332
Principal Investigator: Patricia Snyder (AZCEECS/SSESPECS)
Co-PI: N/A
Funding Agency: University of North Carolina (Subcontract – IES Flow Through)
Proposal Title: ECTA: DEC Recommended Practices in Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education
Requested Amount: $33,150