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Lissette Tolentino

Lissette Tolentino

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“I am currently working as a psychometrician at NCS Pearson, Inc. Before I came to Pearson, I had been studying Psychometrics, Statistics, Educational Research and Evaluation as a Ph.D. student in the REM program at University of Florida since 2007. My Ph.D. study in the REM program is one of my most valuable and memorable life experiences. This program is well suited for people who want to pursue their career in educational research, statistics and methodology, as well as for people like me who are interested in psychometrics and measurement. The REM program provides a variety of opportunities and resources for students to develop their knowledge, professional skills and practical experiences in educational research, statistics and measurement. The REM courses are fabulous, to say the very least, I learned and being rewarded more than I expected from this program! Besides, REM faculty and staffs are friendly and always open their doors to assist you to achieve your educational goals. Professors share knowledge, research experiences, and wisdom. I have walked away from the REM program knowing that this Ph.D. experience I received and knowledge I gained will have an extremely positive impact on my future life and career. I thank the REM program for continuing to make these opportunities available to the students who have the same dream and academic goal as mine.”

Ou Zhang
Degree: Ph.D., 2012

“Choosing the right major for Ph.D. was an incredibly important decision in my life. I chose the Ph.D. program of “Research and Evaluation Methodology (REM)”, which includes educational statistics and psychometrics because my diverse quantitative experience, knowledge and skills in Engineering and Statistics are a perfect match with the program. I tried to pick the best program for me. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to come to the REM program at the University of Florida. Excluding the obvious benefits such as warm weather and low living expenses, the structure of the program and the combination of faculty members are orientated to the quantitative research, such as statistics and psychometrics. The program has the best environment for anyone who wants to study and learn quantitative research knowledge and skills not only in Master degree but also in Ph.D. After achieving my Ph.D. in REM program in August, 2008. I have worked at the Methodology Center of the Pennsylvania State University. My current major research areas are latent variable modeling and advanced quantitative research methodologies. All courses and my dissertation in REM program are very helpful for me to work here and also those knowledge and experiences made me to obtain a current job. I really want to express my appreciation to the REM faculty members. They supported me not only academically but also spiritually.”

Young Kyoung Min
Degree: Ph.D., 2008

“I am currently working as a psychometrician at Educational Testing Service (ETS). Before I came to ETS, I had been studying statistics, measurement, and evaluation as a Ph.D. student in the REM program at UF for four years. Based on my previous graduate study experience, I strongly encourage you to consider this program if you plan to study quantitative methods or psychometrics, because here: 1) You will be offered systematic and organized courses in this area; 2) The professors are always available to help you with their integrated knowledge in statistics and measurement and updated compute skills; 3) You will have good opportunities to work with professors on research or evaluation projects and publications; 4) You may enrich your academic experiences by teaching and consulting in research methodology; 5) You will be encouraged and supported to explore dissertation topics based on your own interest and potential; 6) You are certainly going to enjoy the beautiful campus with Florida’s subtropical style. Before I graduated from this program, I obtained research experience, teaching experience, consulting experience and internship experience at a testing company, which helped me a lot to find the best match between my professional interest and the current position at ETS.”

Youhua Wei
Degree: Ph.D., 2008

“I graduated with a MAE in Research and Evaluation Methodology in May 2006. I moved to Boston shortly after and began working in institutional research at a university. When I began my job search, I really had a heads up on the competition because of my background in REM. Boston is a Mecca for research and I found that I could apply my skills to nearly every research field.

My favorite aspects of the REM program were the quantitative curriculum and the people. The curriculum shapes your thinking in a way that allows you to constantly think outside of the box. Also, it affords you the knowledge to answer real research questions using statistical methods. My time in Gainesville was also made memorable because of the professors and my fellow students. Everyone in REM is so smart and fun to be around.”

Kate Miller
Degree: M.A.E., 2006