Major in Research and Evaluation Methodology

Students in the Research and Evaluation Methodology (REM) program learn to design research projects, analyze data, develop assessment instruments, implement program evaluation, and conduct research about the efficacy of research methodologies.

Work with the Experts, Become an Expert

Students develop skills in data analysis, educational research design and evaluation assessment through the courses offered by REM program faculty, by participating in research projects with faculty, and by conducting their own research projects. Graduates of the REM program find work as researchers, psychometricians, and data analysts in testing companies, research and evaluation companies, universities, school districts, state and federal agencies. In addition to providing learning experiences for program majors, the REM program provides service courses in quantitative methodology and in qualitative methodology.

The Research and Evaluation Methodology (REM) program offers masters (M.Ed. and M.A.E.) and doctoral (Ph.D.) degrees to students interested in statistics, psychometrics, education measurement and assessment, evaluation, and educational research.


Why We’re Different


NSF grants, grant evaluation.


We allow students to bridge theory
to practice.

REM welcomes social science students, in addition to education majors.


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