Yang Qi

Began Doctoral Fellowship: Fall 2009

Program Area & Faculty Mentor: Reading Education, working with Dr. Zhihui Fang.

Primary Research Interests: Adolescent literacy and how students from diverse backgrounds develop their literacy skills in content areas.

Courses Taught at UFTSL 3520, “ESOL Foundations:  Language and Culture in Elementary Classrooms”; RED 3312, “Content Area Literacy” (co-taught with Dr. Fang); RED 5337, “Teaching Reading in Secondary Schools” (co-taught with Dr. Fang).

Recent Conference Paper Presentation:  Zhihui Fang, Yang Qi, Julie Bader & Suzanne Coatoam, “Writing a Report:  A Study of Preadolescents’ Use of Informational Language.”  American Association for Applied Linguistics.  Dallas, TX.  March 2013.