Spring UFIT Training Schedule Announced

The spring 2018 UFIT Training calendar includes online training, webinars, and face-to-face workshops. Training locations, times, prerequisites, and registration links are available on https://training.it.ufl.edu/. Technology training with UFIT is always free. Among the classes offered this semester are as follows:

▪ Using Qualtrics @ UF
▪ “Teach More Effectively” – TA Workshop Series
▪ UFApps for Faculty
▪ Introduction to the Linux Command Line
▪ T4 Power User Training
▪ Engaging Online Learners
▪ SPSS Workshop Series
▪ Cyber Security @ UF
▪ Running Graphical Applications on HiPerGator with Xpra
▪ e-Learning @ UF Workshops

Please contact ufit-training@ufl.edu if you are interested in a custom or on-site class for your department, or if you would like more information about current training offerings.