Recent Updates from IES Director Mark Schneider

In a New Year’s update, Institute of Education Sciences (IES) Director Mark Schneider discussed what IES has accomplished and outlined some challenges for the coming year and beyond. See Dr. Schneider’s January 8, 2020 blog A New Year’s Update from the Director of IES for the full update.

Later in January, Dr. Schneider described progress on a new IES logo and visual identity and what those changes signify for IES. See Dr. Schneider’s January 22, 2020 blog A New Look for IES for the full update.

This month, Dr. Schneider reviewed how IES supports Research-Practice Partnerships and emphasized how IES looks for ways to connect education research and practice. See Dr. Schneider’s February 4, 2020 blog Research-Practice Partnerships, Redux for the full update.

To view all of Dr. Schneider’s blogs, visit Director’s Remarks on Dr. Mark Schneider’s biography webpage.