IES Reduces the Burden to Grantees While Increasing the Public’s Access to IES-Funded Research

In 2011, the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) adopted the IES Public Access Policy. This policy requires all IES grantees and contractors to submit their final peer-reviewed manuscripts through the ERIC Grantee and Online Submission System portal. ERIC then makes the work freely available to the public 12 months after publication. As part of an effort to minimize burden for IES grantees and contractors, ERIC has negotiated agreements with the publishers of over 600 education journals to display publicly funded articles in ERIC 12 months after publication or sooner. See ERIC’s list of participating journals. If grantees or contractors publish their work in a participating journal, the journal will submit the full text to ERIC on their behalf. Grantees and contractors will not need to submit their work to ERIC. This policy takes effect for work published after January 1, 2020. If an article was accepted by a journal that was participating in this program, but then the journal moved to a publisher that is not participating, then the grantee or contractor will have to submit the article to ERIC.

To ensure that their work is included, grantees and contractors are responsible for the following:

  • Including their grant or contract number(s) in the acknowledgements section of the published article.
  • Confirming that the journal title, publisher, and year matches ERIC’s list of participating journals.
  • Informing their publishers that they are subject to IES policies when their manuscript is submitted.

ERIC is working to expand the list of journals that agree to display the full text of grantee articles. ERIC will update the list of participating journals multiple times a year, as new publishers sign agreements to participate in this program or journals move to a non-participating publisher.

Excerpted from the IES National Center for Education Evaluation and Regional Assistance (NCEE) Blog: Reducing the Burden to Grantees While Increasing the Public’s Access to IES Funded Research