UFIRST FYI: Updating Project F&A Returns

Each year, the Office of the Vice President for Research returns F&A costs collected from grants and contracts during the preceding fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) to principal investigators, department chairs, and if appropriate, directors of certain authorized centers. The remainder of the F&A costs collected are returned to the college after Sponsored Program Assessment (SPA) is calculated. For details regarding your current sponsored project distributions, please login using your Gatorlink at reporting.it.ufl.edu.  Navigate to Team Content > Sponsored Program Information > Awards > Center Return. The last day to make changes to F&A distributions for FY2020 is June 30, 2020. For more information, please see Updating Project F&A Instruction Guide for navigation to the UFIRST Activity.

The current distributions are at Project Manager (formerly Project PI) 10%; Department Chair 7.5%; and if a center is identified in UFIRST as supporting the project, then 7.5% to the Center Director.

Only institutional Institutes and Centers are able to be selected. The official list and policies related to creation of such are available at http://www.ir.ufl.edu/centers/Active_Centers.pdf. Updates to center return distributions can be completed via a UFIRST Activity.

IFAS & Engineering returns are not handled automatically according to this formula but returned in whole to the college who distributes appropriately. All other units receive the funds directly to the overhead project matching the project manager and department on the earning sponsored project. All F&A cost funds collected and returned under this policy must be used for expenditures that support research or sponsored training programs at the University of Florida.

Questions about existing IDC return projects can be directed to idc@research.ufl.edu.