UFIT Upgrades File Storage System for HiPerGator

UFIT is upgrading the storage options for HiPerGator users. Now in its final stages of stability, functionality, and performance testing, the new “blue” storage system will be available in June. Details on how files will be transferred from /ufrc to /blue will be published on the Research Computing website this month. In preparation, system users should schedule some time to remove old, unneeded data so that it does not have to be moved. Currently, the /ufrc holds 1.7 PB (83% of capacity.) Some of the new /blue systems specifications include the following:

  • Size: 4 PB usable
  • File system: Lustre 2.12
  • Eight object storage servers (OSS)
  • 32 object storage targets (OST)
  • 400 spinning disks providing 3672.65 TB usable
  • 36 flash/NVMe drives providing 392.64 TB usable
  • InfiniBand EDR adapters at 100 Gbit/sec

Extended information about the systems’ new features is published on https://www.rc.ufl.edu/services/hipergator/hipergator-3-0/.

Faculty and staff with questions about accessing HiPerGator or related systems and support can visit the Getting Started webpage or email Erik Deumens, director of Research Computing.