Migrating HiPerGator Data to Blue Storage

UFIT recently installed a new “blue” file storage system for all HiPerGator users. To transition files from the /ufrc file system to /blue, rolling migrations will be scheduled between June and August 2020.

HiPerGator users do not need to move their own data to prepare for using the blue storage. Users should instead remove any unneeded data prior to the scheduled transfer from /ufrc. UFIT will schedule transitions outside of normal business hours to avoid impacting research needs.

All users of active group directories on /ufrc received an email notifying them of the pending changes and encouraged groups to plan for communication of the scheduled transfer. Sponsors should receive a second email at least one week prior to their scheduled migration and can suggest a different date if necessary by emailing help@rc.ufl.edu. Once the migration is complete, the sponsor will be notified.

Faculty and staff with questions about transitioning their storage may visit the blue storage migration FAQ page or email Erik Deumens, director of UFIT Research Computing.