Congratulations to COE Researchers

The College of Education (COE) received exceptional news from UF Research. The COE enjoyed a +12% ($3 million) increase in funded research expenditures from $24.6 million to $27.6 million over the past year. This is the largest increase of any of UF’s large or mid-size colleges. The COE also increased the funding received during the past year by +3%.

The COE was noted for having five principal investigators (PIs) who received funding awards of $1 million or greater during the past year: Julie Brown, Mary Brownell, Holly Lane, Phil Poekert, and Pat Snyder. Additionally, Phil Poekert was identified as UF’s #5 PI, having received $12.6 million in funding. This summer, COE faculty submitted 17 proposals/subcontract proposals to the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) having a total value of nearly $18 million.

Overall, UF faculty have earned a record $900.7 million in research funding. A major reason for UF’s growth is its success at earning federal research grants, which increased 21% over last year to a record $639.2 million. Funding from the Department of Health and Human Services — UF’s largest sponsor — was up nearly 31% to $321.8 million. UF saw increased funding from most of the federal agencies, including the Department of Defense, up 60% to $61.3 million and the Department of Education, up 63% to $39.9 million. Funding from the National Science Foundation held steady at $62.9 million.

For more information, see the UF News webpage University of Florida Hits Record $900 Million in Research Awards.