UFIT Offers HiPerGator Training and Consulting

New and returning faculty have access to research computing expertise through 1-on-1 consulting and many free training options offered each semester. Remote consultations and support are available Monday through Friday.

During the university’s continuing response to Covid-19, Research Computing facilitators use Zoom during their listed walk-in office hours (https://www.rc.ufl.edu/help/walk-in-support/). You can click on each facilitator’s name on this page to connect via email on the walk-in support page, if the consultation and support office hours do not work with your schedule.

UFIT also offers a robust training program so researchers can maximize their work on HiPerGator. The upcoming training schedule is provided below, with more information available at https://help.rc.ufl.edu/doc/Training.

Aug. 18: NVIDIA DGX™ A100 Webinar
Sep. 10: Introduction to UF Research Computing and HiPerGator
Sep. 17: Introduction to the Linux Command Line
Sep. 24: HiPerGator SLURM Submission Scripts
Oct. 1: SLURM Scripts for MPI Jobs
Oct. 8: Running Graphical Applications on HiPerGator
Oct. 15: Jupyter Labs and Jupyter Notebooks for R, Python, and More
Oct. 22: Git and GitHub