COE Faculty Collaborate on NSF Racial Equity in STEM Education RFP and Additional Projects

Several College of Education (COE) faculty have met to discuss collaborating on a submission to the National Science Foundation (NSF) Racial Equity in STEM Education funding opportunity. The Lastinger Center is interested in pursuing the opportunities discussed around investigating the fairness of assessments in virtual learning environments for mathematics and the data analytics conversation around exploring the characteristics of positive outliers among mathematics educators supporting Black and Latinx students.

In August, we will be in touch with the individuals who participated in those breakout groups to continue dialogue. Please let Phil Poekert ( know if you were not in those groups but would be interested in exploring these possibilities further.

In other areas, we already have teams working around developing culturally responsive curricular materials for students and professional development materials for teachers in secondary mathematics. Please let Phil know if anyone would be interested in connecting with those teams.

Aside from that, we encourage our colleagues to continue dialogue around other areas of collaboration beyond the Lastinger Center’s work areas. Of note, our colleagues focusing on science education had an interesting discussion around supports for Black and Latinx students to develop positive identities as science learners. If you are interested in this line of inquiry and want to join a group of faculty conceptualizing this further, contact Ana Puig (

Informational webinar slides for the Racial Equity in STEM Education Program Description (PD 21-191Y) can be found here: Webinar Slides.

Racial Equity in STEM Education RFP:

Due Dates: July 13, 2021; October 12, 2021 (Second Tuesday in October, Annually Thereafter); or March 22, 2022 (Fourth Tuesday in March, Annually Thereafter)