UF Research Reminder: Disclosure Requirements for Current UF Employees

As a reminder, researchers must continue to adhere to university and federal requirements, particularly as they relate to international engagements regarding disclosing all outside activities to the university and other support to federal agencies per agency-specific instructions as follows:

Disclose All Outside Activities to the University: All UF employees must disclose to the university all outside financial relationships and professional activities, whether compensated or uncompensated. All outside activities must be approved in advance. In addition to UF policy, there are also State of Florida laws requiring full disclosure. For more information on how and what to disclose, visit https://coi.ufl.edu/.

Disclose Other Support to Federal Agencies Per Agency-Specific Instructions: Federally funded UF researchers must disclose all financial support received from any foreign entity that supports ongoing or proposed research projects for which they will provide effort or oversight. This includes financial support they receive from a foreign government, university or other legal entity outside the U.S., unpaid researchers in their lab, and in-kind support such as equipment and samples.

Researchers must also ensure that the bio-sketch submitted within proposals is accurate and complete, including all affiliations.

The University of Florida continues to fully support and encourage international research, collaboration and scholarship, as well as supporting our valued international community of students, faculty and staff. Please be patient as we develop our plan to address the new state requirements. If you have any questions related to this memo, the Task Force, or international engagements, visit the International Engagements website or contact Cassandra Farley, associate director, UF Research Integrity, Security and Compliance (cfarley@ufl.edu).