UFIT Proposal Support Available for Researchers

UFIT is committed to doing everything possible to enable the research community. Their staff can help make your sponsored funding proposals more competitive with letters and templates related to the computing and infrastructure needs of your project. There are four components that UFIT’s Research Computing staff can assist with: (1) the budget form showing the cost of computing services or hardware acquisition, (2) a commitment letter from Research Computing, (3) a description of the facilities in support of your project is available to include in the proposal’s facilities section, and (4) an explicit data management plan (DMP). The Research Computing website also has examples of justification text for Hardware Acquisition and Consulting Services. All of the templates and sample text mentioned above are available on https://www.rc.ufl.edu/research/proposal-support/. Please contact Research Computing Director Erik Deumens (deumens@ufl.edu) if you need assistance with your proposal’s computing infrastructure documentation.